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TV at local pasta place [2009 Day 307 + Nov Challenge Day 3]

03 Nov

TV at local pasta place, originally uploaded by ozlady.

Killing 2 birds with one stone here – this is a television used to advertise the local pasta place near my home. Photo taken and edited completely on my Nokia N86 8MP for both the 2009 Photo Challenge and the November Challenge 2009!

Busy day, so sometimes you have to take the shots where you can find them!

Broom [Photo Challenge, Day 306: Clean]

02 Nov

Brooms in Singapore tend to be a little bit different. This one is for indoors, and despite its rough appearance, it’s actually quite soft.

Taken at night in the bathroom and the cat kept trying to eat the broom.

2009 Photo Challenge – Day 305: Scar

01 Nov

Our furniture gets plenty scarred after our cats get at it. For the most part they are pretty good, and considering there are three of them, it’s not too bad… but still, some battle scars are showing after 10 years.

Cats – 3, Furniture – nil.

2009 Photo Challenge – Day 297: LED

25 Oct

We had this word for two days, so there are two photos to go with this…

LED - Traffic Light

LED - Traffic Light

This one was taken with my camera phone while waiting for our dinner order.

LED - Sign at the local PRATA shop

LED - Sign at the local PRATA shop

2009 Photo Challenge – Day 296: Box [made from blu-tack]

24 Oct
Box made from Blu-Tack

Box made from Blu-Tack

I fiddle with blu-tac in the office all the time. Today I made a box out of it. One of my colleagues calls it “plasticine for adults” LOL

2009 Challenge: Day 295 [Rule of Thirds]

22 Oct
Remain Seated

Remain Seated

I waited almost too late to get this shot – it was a busy day, but then while upgrading the firmware on my phone, my computer crashed and I had to reinstall everything – this took a little while so I went outside my office to take this shot… one that I have been meaning to take for ages as the chair matches the flooring in the space outside. Unfortunately it was about 30 mins before the sun set and it took 3-4 shots before I got the light the way I wanted.

2009 Challenge: Day 294 [Window Display]

21 Oct
Hello Kitty for the Little Gambler in you!

Hello Kitty for the Little Gambler in you!

My challenge photo for day 294 came as a result of waiting on the side of the road for my husband to pick me up – I saw this in one of those cutesy shops with all sorts of girlie-girlie knick-knacks for sale. Not my cup of tea, but I had to take this shot when I saw the Hello Kitty Mahjong set and gambling chips. LOL.

2009 Challenge: Day 293 [Calculator]

20 Oct
My husbands old battered calculator watch

My husband's old battered calculator watch

Today’s challenge is calculator. I think I was the first to post to the Challenge Group as I immediately grabbed my husband’s watch and took a photo. It’s old, well used and loved by him for the geek factor – he had wanted one for years!

2009 Photo Challenge: Day 292 – Motion Blur [Taxi]

19 Oct

Taxi in Motion

I was looking up the daily challenge on my mobile phone. Having received the day’s keywords – motion blur – I looked out the window of my car while waiting for my husband and snapped this.

Total fluke but it was the best of any other motion shots I took that day.

See more from other photographers for Day 292.

2009 Photo Challenge: Day 291 – Telephone [Phone on my Phone]

17 Oct
I so often browse the photo challenge site on my mobile, that I thought the phone picture looked appropriate for todays photo

I so often browse the photo challenge site on my mobile, that I thought the phone picture looked appropriate for today's photo

See more telephone photos from Day 291 of the challenge here.

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