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BBW 30-Day Photo Challenge – Day 14: Architecture

18 Apr

Today’s word is ‘Architecture,’ and when I think of this I think of old and new, and how architecture serves a number of functions, one of which is to sometimes disguise ugly aspects of functionality that is required of a structure.

My ‘Architecture’ Photo

In this shot, the white patterns are used to hide the top of the elevator structure in a rooftop garden.

Day 14: Architecture

Day 14: Architecture by OzLady (Rooftop Garden, Vivocity, Singapore)

Architecture – different styles around the world

Other great Architecture photos taken by others and displayed in my Flickr Gallery on Architecture.

growing a roof

growing a roof by shapeshift

Cloister  Lorch - Germany

Cloister Lorch - Germany by Habub3

Perimeter Institute of Theoretical Physics

Perimeter Institute of Theoretical Physics by livinginacity

Sears (Willis) Tower, Chicago, USA: Tourist Attraction #1

Sears (Willis) Tower, Chicago, USA: Tourist Attraction #1 by Tomasito.!

Medieval Castle Butrón - Architecture Gatika, Spain

Medieval Castle Butrón - Architecture Gatika, Spain by Batikart

Favourite Flickr Foto Monday

30 Aug

ØresundsbronI love the sharp greys, the contrast and the gradients in this. Stunning!!

Great take on the use of Perspective.

Featured 3 on Friday [Great Photographic Stuff That Shows You How]

16 Jul

Here’s some weekend reading for your pleasure. This week I’m focusing on posts that show and explain how photos were taken. Hopefully some good material to read and then experiment with over the weekend!

Bill at the Beach - Laughing out Load (portrait practice - candid)

Enjoy your weekend!

The Mica Building – Singapore

05 Nov

A popular picture, this works when it is taken well… and this is a nicely cropped shot.

Temple in Singapore

03 Nov

It’s a touch washed out, but it makes the gods on this Hindu temple entrance seem more dramatic.


01 Nov

One of those shots where the architecture just screams of style, and days gone by. Love it!

Optical Illusion

30 Oct

Do you see the light recessed into the ceiling or hanging from the ceiling? Another great shot!

Potsdamer Roof

27 Oct

I’m told it’s a cliche, but some buildings deserve to be photographed over and over again!

Buildings – Harbour Centre, Vancouver, 1977

20 Oct

Lofty Designs

14 Oct

A Visual Feast

My very own interestingness…