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BBW Photo Challenge – Day 19: Insect

20 Apr
Day 19: Insect

Oh to be a fly on the... curtain? by OzLady

I was wondering how I was going to photograph an insect in the BBW challenge – they’re small and my camera is somewhat cumbersome when it comes to macros. Fortunately this big guy flies in and gives me something my camera can see. Ick! (It was shoo’ed out immediately after this was taken.)

More Inspect-Inspired Photography

Enjoy these samples from my Flickr Gallery on Insects!

springtime flower insect cake

springtime flower insect cake by Miss Ingredient

Insect trail (explored!)

Insect trail (explored!) by Sahaab

“]Insect HoverFly - Macro
WINDUP BEE Vintage Watch Insect Brooch Pin 19 Moons WORKING MOVEMENT

WINDUP BEE Vintage Watch Insect Brooch Pin 19 Moons WORKING MOVEMENT by 19moons

insect feeding

insect feeding by liverweb

2009 Challenge – Day 71: Black

12 Mar

2009 Challenge - Day 71: Black... Stammy in SunlightThis is our very own ‘Black’ star!

Stamford (aka Stammy) was lying in the sun on my desk while I work, hence his pupils were closed, and there is a ray of sunlight in the photo over the right eye. There is also a desk lamp to the left of the shot, which is throwing the yellow hues.

I think the eyes add something to this.

Stammy or Buster (our other ‘black’) usually sit on my desk while I work and supervise (with their eyes closed – it’s tiring work). Usually our little girl is somewhere near my feet, or in the kitchen playing with her string! It’s a nice feeling to be surrounded by them.


09 Nov

StamfordI had a few comments on this picture, so I’m posting it here. I like the close up and the angle.

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