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The sky is blue [and is almost as big as my imagination]

26 Oct

Another beautiful location where you could just lay on your back and watch the clouds blow over. Probably something I’d want to do with a friend or lover by my side. Skies in cities never look this blue, and on days like today I could convince myself that it is totally the work of Photoshop, however my memory and other days reminds me that there is such a sky and that life and nature can be truly this wonderful. Thanks to Nicholas T for the memory.

2009 Challenge: Day 290 – Indigo [Bike Shop]

16 Oct
Indigo at the bike shop

Indigo at the bike shop

While picking out a new bike for my daughter, I grabbed a few snaps – it was a good marriage of opportunity and today’s word.

2009 Challenge – Day 33: Blue

02 Feb

2009 Challenge - Day 33: BlueThe kilometrico has been around for years, and is one of the first GTD tools that I knew… and I still use it!

I paired this with a blue separator that is part of a new notebook that I started today. For all that I am a digital girl, notebooks rock!

I teach for a few universities, so as part of that I need to mark papers (which is where I usually use my trusty kilometrico), and this is what I’ll be doing this evening… so my pen will probably be the only blue that I see all day, except for that sinking, blue feeling that I will no-doubt get when my students write rubbish!

January Challenge: Rained Out (Jan 13)

13 Jan


I’m not terribly good at photographing rain, however I couldn’t resist the colours that seemed to almost be highlighted by the deluge that was falling this day.

To see the rest of my January Challenge photos, check the “January Challenge” category here on my blog or visit my Flickr Set.

Bright & Glowing

25 Nov

What you can do when it’s raining and you want to practice taking photos!

Hello and Goodbye

25 Nov

An imprint of a hand on ice. Nice!

Potsdamer Roof

27 Oct

I’m told it’s a cliche, but some buildings deserve to be photographed over and over again!

In Flight!

16 Oct

A truly inspiring image – this one has made my day!

Sock it on the Rocks!

15 Oct

Cool use of colour and reflection. I like the subject of this pic.

A Visual Feast

My very own interestingness…