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2009 Challenge – Day 72: Pencil

14 Mar

2009 Challenge - Day 72: PencilI was a little stumped for creativity on this one, so I borrowed an idea from the original Photo Challenge post for this day.

I was also fiddling with the aperture priority to see where I could get the lens to focus. I have a superzoom camera, so it doesn’t have manual focus, but I’ve learned a few tricks on how to get it to focus where I want, and this was a good practice exercise for this.

Dear Husband (DH) and I disagree on which one should be submitted to the Flickr Group, so I put his selection in. The version that I preferred is below.
Pencil #2

2009 Challenge – Day 69: Leather

10 Mar

2009 Challenge - Day 69: LeatherThe clasp from my favourite leather handbag. I love the way that the leather has the texture of the animal, and that the rustic brass-looking buckle has a similar sort of craquelature.

Photo of the Day – Day 37 [Best of Series]

09 Feb

My Day 37 favourite is “Without a heartbeat, there is no band,” by conurebuddy14. I love the contrast of the brown with the black and white on this. And I love drumming, so it swayed me a little on this one. ;)

Click the image itself to see a larger version. Leave a comment on the Flickr page to let the photographer know how much you appreciate it.

I feel the beat of this image!

If you have a favourite photo from Day 37 of the Challenge (Brown), please post a link to it in the comments. Make sure the photo is from Flickr and tagged with 2009challenge.

2009 Challenge – Day 37: Brown

06 Feb

Brown Photos for Day 371. 2009 Photo Challenge – Day 37: Brown (2),
2. 2009 Photo Challenge – Day 37: Brown (1),
3. 2009 Challenge – Day 37: Brown (3)

I couldn’t help but submit three photos for today’s submission.

The top one is the top of our CD stand and is the first piece of furniture I bought when I moved overseas. He’s guarded my CDs for 12 years now, and it’s his day in the sun today!

The middle photo is the frame of one of our papasans – we have removed the cushion temporarily to avoid any accidents, and it caught my eye.

The bottom photo is technically half a day late, but we went go-karting in Malaysia this morning and I saw this guy hugging the pavement like this. What would you do – what could I but do except take a photo of him and submit it as part of the group.

I don’t normally submit more than one photo in the group per day, but today was an exception.

Divide & Conquer

11 Nov

This is a unique perspective of a split trunk, combined with good photo techniques. Love it – totally unique and elemental.

Travelling, On Reflection

31 Oct

I like the technique used in this photo – it’s one that I try occasionally myself, but not with a lot of success. The framing works well.

Otto at the beach

20 Oct

Otto looks very happy… even if a bit wet! I like the sepia treatment on this photo.

Triangles in Germany

11 Oct

Some amazing photography from Trey Ratcliff

A Walk in the Park – OOB

09 Oct

Walk in the Park OOB

This is one of mine that is in Flickr’s Explore – photoshopped, but I’m pretty pleased with it!

Paris Metro

06 Oct

Tres bon!

Great orange and browns in this picture!

A Visual Feast

My very own interestingness…