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2009 Challenge – Day 74: Shooting Up

16 Mar

2009 Challenge - Day 74: Shooting UpThis is the Grand Copthorne Hotel (Waterfront) in Singapore. We were picking up some colleagues of my husband’s and I looked up and noted the shape of the building. Unfortunately it was a dreadfully overcast day and the sky was just terrible.

The U-shape of the building just invited something else to be added to the composition, so I stepped into the frame – lucky positioning on this one, as I only took this shot and I ended up more or less dead centre!

I was almost going to submit a photo of just the building (see below).
2009 Challenge - Day 73: Shooting Up #2

Photo of the Day – Day 35 [Best of Series]

07 Feb

The photographer of this pic seemed to feel it was similar to many they had taken, however to me it jumped out of the pile for yellow – the Day 35 Challenge word.

If you are interested in the 2009 Photo Challenge, then check out the website, and check out some of the other photos that were taken for Day 35 – Yellow (on Flickr).

Mr Snail has done a great job in capturing the textures of both the wall and the window.

Click the image itself to see a larger version. Leave a comment on the Flickr page to let the photographer know how much you appreciate it.

If you have a favourite photo from Day 35 of the Challenge (Yellow), please post a link to it in the comments. Make sure the photo is from Flickr and tagged with 2009challenge.

2009 Challenge – Day 34: Green

03 Feb

2009 Challenge - Day 34: GreenThis is the odd cap out on the stick holders that are under my kitchen window. I spied them on the way home from work.

Outdoor drying of clothes in a lot of homes in Singapore is done on poles, referred to as ‘gala poles’. Unfortunately, when you don’t have sticks in the pole holders, water tends to build up and mosquitoes breed.

In a place where dengue fever is quite common and it’s spread by mosquitoes, these caps are required to reduce still water buildup, and as a result keep the mozzie population low.

January Challenge: It’s Washing Day (Jan 5)

05 Jan

January Challenge: Washing Day

I’ve been meaning to post this shot for a long time… it’s a scene every weekend at a lot of HDB Blocks in Singapore!

To see the rest of my January Challenge photos, check the “January Challenge” category here on my blog or visit my Flickr Set.

January Challenge: Buildings – Black and White (Jan 4)

04 Jan

Buildings - Downtown SingaporeOK – So I did something not too bright: I forgot to charge my camera battery. Not the smartest thing to do when you are in the middle of a challenge month. I have set myself a number of reminders to recharge batteries when I get home this evening.

I did have a small bit of luck in that my mobile phone was with me, and while not technically great, I am more interested in composition rather than some of the features of my camera today – I was looking at buildings, and the ‘dullness’ of the mobile phone actually seemed to offset some of the glare as the only time I had available to take shots today was at lunch!

I liked the shape of the buildings in this one.

This is the second time I am shooting with a mobile phone (I did for a day on my last holidays), and it’s not too bad as long as you keep in mind the limitations of the camera… and bottom line with mobiles (and a lot of basic point and shoots) is to have a lot of light.

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January Challenge: Walk Around Work (Jan 3)

03 Jan

Day 3: January Challenge. Walk Near Bestway Building

I decided to practice with off-kilter horizons and the black and white setting on my camera. This is better than the previous two days – some of my reading paid off!

Also, the walk occurred around my office, and started just before the sun set. As the floodlights came on around the building, I was able to get alot of contrasting pics. That’s why there is such a bright light in the background of this one!

To see the rest of my January Challenge photos, check the “January Challenge” category here on my blog or visit my Flickr Set.

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