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Take great photos with your iPhone [Camera Phones]

07 May

There are a number of great articles written about taking great photos with camera phones, and I, personally, am a great believer in being able to take a good photo with just about any camera. It’s all about knowing the limitations of your equipment and working with them.

Fundamentally, I believe it comes down to three factors: light, composition and know the limitations of your equipment. This applies to all photography, it’s just that there are greater limitations with camera phone photography.

Having enough light, and having that light on the subject of your photo is a key part of this article on iPhone Photography at Applelinks (I like this article – it’s a good, practical guide).

One of the benefits of camera phone photography can be the post-shoot processing that can be done on the phone. Usually the phone software makers make it easy to tune the image after you’ve taken it. This interview with an iPhone photographer highlights this as part of their article.

Also there is the added bonus of having the camera with you. Sometimes the key part of taking a great photo is to just have your camera with you! A camera phone allows you to do this – as well as sharing it on the spot if you have internet access (either through your phone network, or wifi).

If you are able to upload it to services such as Flickr, then you may be able to take advantage of online editing software on your PC, such as Picnik, which is integrated into Flickr and makes adding effects and fine tuning exposure and colour on a PC a breeze.

Also great reading, check out DPS’s 12 Tips for Improving Camera Phone Photos.

Regarding composition, think about those limitations again, and the style of photos that they will suit. Mostcommonly, camera phone photography is said to be suited to street photography, but note a key limitation – often camera phones are NOT good with movement. So if there is motion and a blur, aim for it to be intentional, like this fantastic shot:

Using motion blur in camera phone photography

And don’t forget to practice! Take lots of photos!

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