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Because kittens run the internet…

22 Apr
I'm Just a Baby

I'm Just a Baby by Ben Heine

Very cute! Have a great day!

BBW Photo Challenge – Day 18: Reflection

18 Apr

Tiga was very obliging for today’s word (reflection), and stood near a reflective surface quite by accident!

Day 18: Reflecting Tiga

Day 18: Reflecting Tiga by OzLady

Old reflections, but a favourite…

In Singapore, about 80% of the population live in HDB Apartments (HDB = Housing Development Board). One day I was attending a drum class held in a community centre surrounded by these apartments and it had been raining. I was fortunate enough to turn around and capture this at just the right angle! This is one of my favourite ‘reflective’ photos

Reflecting on HDB Living

Reflecting on HDB Living by OzLady

Other ‘Reflective’ Photos

I hope you explore some of the photos based on the word ‘reflection’ that I have compiled into this Flickr Gallery.

great crested grebe

great crested grebe by roly2008


Reflections by Bahman Farzad

Singapore Countdown New Year Eve Cityscapes

Singapore Countdown New Year Eve Cityscapes by zoompict

Cuba Gallery: Still life with water droplets and reflection

Cuba Gallery: Still life with water droplets and reflection by ►CubaGallery

BBW 30-Day Photo Challenge – Day 1: Self Portrait

01 Apr

The first topic in the Blessed Beyond Words Photo Challenge Topic List is ‘Self Portrait’. I’ve been doing a few of these intermittently as part of a Flickr Group (although some days I’m just too shy for words). It amazes me the portraits that people come up with. Some of my favourites are below, and my own contribution is at the bottom.


Self Portrait of a self portrait of a self portrait of a self portrait

Self Portrait of a self portrait of a self portrait of a self portrait, by Mrs Logic

self portrait: two seconds of a summer evening

self portrait: two seconds of a summer evening, by manyfires

self portrait | we are the sound

self portrait | we are the sound, by Adam Foster | Codefor

unplanned self-portrait with dog &.

unplanned self-portrait with dog &., by Jesse Draper

My own self portrait for Day 1 of the BBW 30 Day Challenge for April, 2011

Day 1: Self Portrait while wrestling Tiga the cat
I was taking a photo for the Blessed Beyond Words photo challenge, and Tiga kept jumping on and around me (as evidenced by the cat hair on my t-shirt).

I decided to include her in the photo! She fights you whenever you pick her up… it’s a bit of a game with her… so we are wrestling. She desperately wants me to put her down so she can jump back on me!

5cut Cute Pets to Brighten Your Day [Pet Loving Photography]

14 Jan

As a pet owner, I find myself snapping my kitties every time they do something cute. I also find that they challenge me as often this happens in low-light situations, or they move just when the shutter closes. I realise that the old Hollywood adage of note working with babies and animals might also ring true for photography.

Having said that, when you do capture that perfect pose, you get a pic that really makes your day. Here are some of my favourites.

Roland by Bah Humbug

My little assistant...almost a photographer! by Fernando Felix

Pinky by swanky

Cute Rambo by *volar*

My Hamster by aliaydogmus35

Tussi – Cute Expression

26 Oct


Vanstaffs is one of my contacts on Flickr, and is constantly posting photos on Tussi, the backyard warrier. I love some of the photos that come from the world of Tussi the feline and her adventures with the backyard, the neighbourhood pets, etc.

Sometimes the best photos come with a story!

2009 Challenge – Day 71: Black

12 Mar

2009 Challenge - Day 71: Black... Stammy in SunlightThis is our very own ‘Black’ star!

Stamford (aka Stammy) was lying in the sun on my desk while I work, hence his pupils were closed, and there is a ray of sunlight in the photo over the right eye. There is also a desk lamp to the left of the shot, which is throwing the yellow hues.

I think the eyes add something to this.

Stammy or Buster (our other ‘black’) usually sit on my desk while I work and supervise (with their eyes closed – it’s tiring work). Usually our little girl is somewhere near my feet, or in the kitchen playing with her string! It’s a nice feeling to be surrounded by them.

A Visual Feast

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