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BBW Photo Challenge – Day 20: Books

22 Apr

My internet connection crapped out yesterday so I spent several hours staring at the ugly green shirts of my ISP instead of concentrating on this challenge. As a result my photo isn’t that great. If I had the chance, however, I would return to this pile of books in St Peter & St Paul’s Catholic Church in Singapore and take the photo during the day. It was an interesting stack of musty books. I just wish I could have done it justice.


Order of the Mass, by OzLady

Other Interesting Books

Check out my Flickr Gallery on Books for some truly awesome book photos!

The book burning.

The book burning. by alexstoddard

for molly

for molly by brookeshaden

BBW Photo Challenge – Day 19: Insect

20 Apr
Day 19: Insect

Oh to be a fly on the... curtain? by OzLady

I was wondering how I was going to photograph an insect in the BBW challenge – they’re small and my camera is somewhat cumbersome when it comes to macros. Fortunately this big guy flies in and gives me something my camera can see. Ick! (It was shoo’ed out immediately after this was taken.)

More Inspect-Inspired Photography

Enjoy these samples from my Flickr Gallery on Insects!

springtime flower insect cake

springtime flower insect cake by Miss Ingredient

Insect trail (explored!)

Insect trail (explored!) by Sahaab

“]Insect HoverFly - Macro
WINDUP BEE Vintage Watch Insect Brooch Pin 19 Moons WORKING MOVEMENT

WINDUP BEE Vintage Watch Insect Brooch Pin 19 Moons WORKING MOVEMENT by 19moons

insect feeding

insect feeding by liverweb

BBW Photo Challenge – Day 16: Toys

18 Apr

I accidentally skipped this one, buy Day 16′s word is ‘toys’ – and I am lucky enough to have my own share of them.

I decided to do this as a diptych. Normally this would be two framed images side-by-side, however modern photography and software gives us a little bit more leeway in that we can put a combination of images together, either separated by a frame or not, to tell a story.

My Toys

Here are some of my toys. My camera, my iPhone (represented by the Apple symbol – I was using my iPhone to take the photos), my MacBook Air, and my Logitech Remote (I use this to control the cable TV box, the TV and the stereo). I’m a lucky girl!!

Day 16: Toys (My Toys) by OzLady

Day 16: Toys (My Toys) by OzLady

Other Peoples’ Toys

Time for toy-envy! Enjoy!

coffee break

coffee break by david oa photography

Graphite Kindle + Cole Haan Cover

Graphite Kindle + Cole Haan Cover by Legend Media, LLC

Untitled by thelongboardrider

Nokton 25mm F0.95 + GF2

Nokton 25mm F0.95 + GF2 by INZM


Shelter by Vetuv

BBW Photo Challenge – Day 18: Reflection

18 Apr

Tiga was very obliging for today’s word (reflection), and stood near a reflective surface quite by accident!

Day 18: Reflecting Tiga

Day 18: Reflecting Tiga by OzLady

Old reflections, but a favourite…

In Singapore, about 80% of the population live in HDB Apartments (HDB = Housing Development Board). One day I was attending a drum class held in a community centre surrounded by these apartments and it had been raining. I was fortunate enough to turn around and capture this at just the right angle! This is one of my favourite ‘reflective’ photos

Reflecting on HDB Living

Reflecting on HDB Living by OzLady

Other ‘Reflective’ Photos

I hope you explore some of the photos based on the word ‘reflection’ that I have compiled into this Flickr Gallery.

great crested grebe

great crested grebe by roly2008


Reflections by Bahman Farzad

Singapore Countdown New Year Eve Cityscapes

Singapore Countdown New Year Eve Cityscapes by zoompict

Cuba Gallery: Still life with water droplets and reflection

Cuba Gallery: Still life with water droplets and reflection by ►CubaGallery

BBW 30-Day Photo Challenge – Day 14: Architecture

18 Apr

Today’s word is ‘Architecture,’ and when I think of this I think of old and new, and how architecture serves a number of functions, one of which is to sometimes disguise ugly aspects of functionality that is required of a structure.

My ‘Architecture’ Photo

In this shot, the white patterns are used to hide the top of the elevator structure in a rooftop garden.

Day 14: Architecture

Day 14: Architecture by OzLady (Rooftop Garden, Vivocity, Singapore)

Architecture – different styles around the world

Other great Architecture photos taken by others and displayed in my Flickr Gallery on Architecture.

growing a roof

growing a roof by shapeshift

Cloister  Lorch - Germany

Cloister Lorch - Germany by Habub3

Perimeter Institute of Theoretical Physics

Perimeter Institute of Theoretical Physics by livinginacity

Sears (Willis) Tower, Chicago, USA: Tourist Attraction #1

Sears (Willis) Tower, Chicago, USA: Tourist Attraction #1 by Tomasito.!

Medieval Castle Butrón - Architecture Gatika, Spain

Medieval Castle Butrón - Architecture Gatika, Spain by Batikart

BBW Photo Challenge – Day 15: Vintage

15 Apr

Today’s word in the BBW 30 Day Challenge is ‘vintage’. Somehow I don’t think this is what they had in mind!! :-D

Have a good weekend!!

Day 15: Vintage!

BBW 30-Day Photo Challenge – Day 12: Motion

13 Apr

Day 12: Motion - stealing the cookie! [version 2]

Day 12: Motion - stealing the cookie! by OzLady

I’m late on this challenge topic – motion (Day 12 of the Blessed Beyond Words 30-Day Photo Challenge). However when I received these gingerbreads from my friend’s mother (see yesterday’s story), I couldn’t resist stealing one. That gave me inspiration for my missing ‘motion’ photo, and here it is above!



Other ‘Motion’ Photos

There are really some stunning photos about motion and movement. The technique for this is a little hard. Some use long exposure (like mine), while others use panning and other techniques where they move the camera.

See some of the amazing motion-inspired photos below, and check out my Motion gallery on Flickr.

2/52 - It's Raining Men!

2/52 - It's Raining Men! by ξωαŋ ThΦt

number 9

number 9 by Dan65


clix by D

Tube Monster!

Tube Monster! by Nurse Kate

BBW 30-Day Photo Challenge – Day 11: Household Item

12 Apr

Day 11 in the Blessed Beyond Words 30-Day Photo Challenge has ‘Household Item’ as the challenge topic. I work from home, so it was relatively easy for me to prowl around the apartment to get a photo, but not as easy to try and take something truly unique.

As usual, I turned to Flickr for some inspiration.

Photos of Household Items

Here are some samples of some household items that I found on Flickr.


Household by sarah ketelaars


stacked by elliequent


Toothbrush by hddod


365:73 by Ryan Howell

A Place

A Place by scraff1967

My ‘Household Item’

Day 11: Household Item [Shoes]

Day 11: Household Item (Shoes) by OzLady

BBW 30-Day Photo Challenge – Day 9: Texture

09 Apr

Today’s Blessed Beyond Words Photo Challenge topic is ‘texture’.

It was an interesting day to do this, as normally you would look at a texture and think “that’s nice,” and possibly take a photo of it, straight on. This is what I did here:

Texture - a boring perspective

Texture - a boring perspective

It’s ok as photos go, but flat. You can see it’s a floor. So what?

I did some reading about Point of View today. Specifically it was Light Stalking’s article on What’s your point of view. This changed my perspective today and made me think. Yes this is a texture. One of a tiled floor. But how can I express my point of view?

So I changed my perspective.

Day 9: Texture

Day 9: Texture by OzLady

So now you can see my perspective. This is a bit of texture – a tiled floor in a shopping centre. OK – I get that it ain’t a Pulitzer Prize winning photo, but for me this simple exercise created a more interesting photo than I normally would have taken – looking down at the object. From now on I’ll be getting over, under and around things to try and get a perspective that communicates more about what I am seeing.

And if you want to see some other photos with texture, check out this gallery.

BBW 30-Day Photo Challenge – Day 8: Where I Live

09 Apr

Yesterday was a flat out day, and dearest woke me up early with lights and TV blaring this morning, so I decided that I would complete yesterday’s challenge in the Golden Hour this morning (if you are not sure what the Golden Hour is, read more about it on Wikipedia).

Today’s topic on the Blessed Beyond Words 30-Day Photo Challenge is ‘Where I Live’.

I live in Singapore, and one of the fabulous things about where I live are the leafy boulevards. I’m not great at land and street -scapes, but one of the things that caught my eye this morning was the glass that one of my neighbours has on the top of his fence. This is a very old home, from when the other side of my street used to be a beach (it’s all reclaimed land now), and back in the 50s & 60s using this sort of defense for your home was a normal thing. I’m not sure how legal it is these days, but it made for some interesting photos.

My ‘Where I Live’ Photo

Where I Am

Where I Am by ☼zlady

If you want to see other places where people live, visit my ‘Where I Live’ Flickr gallery. Some of the photos from this gallery are featured below.

Wanna be in a picture ?..:)))

Wanna be in a picture ?..:))) by Katarina 2353

The Eye of the Rice paddies

The Eye of the Rice paddies by NaPix

Where I live

Where I live by blinkingidiot

No. 3 - The Corner

No. 3 - The Corner by "junga"

On The Street Where You Live

On The Street Where You Live by Ronaldo F Cabuhat

A Visual Feast

My very own interestingness…