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2009 Challenge – Day 71: Black

12 Mar

2009 Challenge - Day 71: Black... Stammy in SunlightThis is our very own ‘Black’ star!

Stamford (aka Stammy) was lying in the sun on my desk while I work, hence his pupils were closed, and there is a ray of sunlight in the photo over the right eye. There is also a desk lamp to the left of the shot, which is throwing the yellow hues.

I think the eyes add something to this.

Stammy or Buster (our other ‘black’) usually sit on my desk while I work and supervise (with their eyes closed – it’s tiring work). Usually our little girl is somewhere near my feet, or in the kitchen playing with her string! It’s a nice feeling to be surrounded by them.

2009 Challenge – Day 54: Stone

27 Feb

2009 Photo Challenge - Day 54: StoneThis photo came a couple of days late, as I struggled to find something that was stone, and that turned into a decent image. I decided to contrast semi-precious with non-precious stone, using objects from around my house (you can tell I don’t own expensive jewellery).

One of the hardest things about taking this photo was that I missed the manual focus of my film SLR – the autofocus of my super-zoom really struggled to focus on the stone in the ring. Grrrr!

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