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BBW 30-Day Photo Challenge – Day 3: Fire

03 Apr

I’m getting these out of order as Saturdays are always hard for me – running around with the kids. Day 2 will have to be tomorrow when the kids are back at school.

The Day 3 topic for the Blessed Beyond Words Photo Challenge is ‘Fire’.

The flames take me over

The flames take me over by ▲


MANGIAFUOCO by squarzenegger

Pencil Vs Camera - 16

Pencil Vs Camera - 16 by Ben Heine

My own photo for Day 3: Fire

Day 3: Fire - with feeling

Fire - with feeling

I have also created a gallery on Flickr which has a dozen images that explore the theme ‘fire’. Why don’t you check out my Fire Photo Gallery here, and post any links to your Fire photos in the comment section.

A Visual Feast

My very own interestingness…