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My Latest Favourites

14 Apr

Some of these you will have seen throughout the challenge this past week or so. I hope you enjoy them again if you have. Click on the links at the bottom of the page to see them in larger sizes on Flickr.


My favourites

1. Queen, 2. Last Of The Daffodils – HBW, 3. Burano tribute (6) – Living among the colors, 4. Spicy Beef Noodle Soup, 5. Raspberries, 6. Khas Minang Surya, 7. flying angel, 8. Ding And Dong, 9. Everything Falling Apart, 10. Water defies gravity, 11. portrait of a lamb., 12. droplets, 13. She’s a Lady, 14. natural pencil (look twice, please!), 15. Untitled, 16. Cuba Gallery: Sheep / running / New Zealand / animals / lighting / green / grass / shadow / landscape / wildlife / nature / trees / amazing / lightroom / photography

Favourite Flickr Foto Monday

30 Aug

ØresundsbronI love the sharp greys, the contrast and the gradients in this. Stunning!!

Great take on the use of Perspective.

Favourite Flickr Foto Monday

23 Aug

The Tulip Stairs

Great spiral image.

This one reminds me of the Golden Mean and the rule of thirds.

Enjoy your week!

Latest Favourites

03 Apr

More favourites Hope you enjoy these latest favourites.

1. would someone lather me please…., 2. Blue Sunday, 3. Warmth, 4. Queen Butterfly Ready to Take off, 5. Gex DSC_8870, 6. Night blooming water lily, 7. Hoo Hoo, 8. Northern Pintail–Bolsa Chica 2011 Calendar Subm., 9. { white beauty }

Six Great Photos Following the Rule of Thirds

27 Jan

Rules are meant to be broken, but for budding photographers, the rule of thirds is one of the first “rules” that we learn, and can actually get results from when we put it in to practice. Having said that, there are loads of photos that are interesting and inspirational without following this rule.

If you are interested in reading more about the Rule of Thirds, the following are bookmarks that I have used over the years.

Now what sort of results can we expect? Follows are six great photos that either knowlingly or unknowlingly use this “rule”.

Post links to your “rule following” photos in the comments section and let us all be inspired!

Rule of Thirds by Garry

Rule of Thirds by Garry -

Harvest Moon 1980 - - Rule Of Thirds

Harvest Moon 1980 - - Rule Of Thirds by thegreatlandoni

Flying off-centre - The Rule of Thirds

Flying off-centre - The Rule of Thirds by alancleaver_2000

A Solitary tree atop a hill at Loch Lomond

A Solitary tree atop a hill at Loch Lomond by vagelisgeo

Sam Gates meets the horizon on a foggy day in January.

Sam Gates meets the horizon on a foggy day in January by chrisjocanis

If you want to see more Rule of Third examples, visit this Rule of Thirds Gallery, by robin pereira on Flickr.

The sky is blue [and is almost as big as my imagination]

26 Oct

Another beautiful location where you could just lay on your back and watch the clouds blow over. Probably something I’d want to do with a friend or lover by my side. Skies in cities never look this blue, and on days like today I could convince myself that it is totally the work of Photoshop, however my memory and other days reminds me that there is such a sky and that life and nature can be truly this wonderful. Thanks to Nicholas T for the memory.

Wonderful, Vibrant Balls [Faves on Flickr]

21 Oct
Vibrant photo - nice balls!

Vibrant photo - nice balls!

Dare I say it – nice balls! I just love the colour on this, as do the 240 or so commenters on this photo.  Really nice composition and shot!

Great Post on Flickr Etiquette

25 Oct

Soldadinhos by Henrique VicenteEtiquette is just a guide to behaviour, and it is amazing how many people do lose sight of this when online. Bottom line is to treat people as if you were face-to-face with them, and then remember that communication is more difficult online, so more easily misunderstood.

I was really pleased to see that a great post has been put together on etiquette for Flickr, and I must congratulate Brian for this post on Basic Guidelines that culminates in the following summary:

  • Be respectful toward other Flickr users.
  • Family, Friends, and Contacts are optional.
  • It’s not rude to not add somebody as a mutual contact.
  • Favorites are optional.
  • It’s not rude to not reciprocate adding faves.
  • Comments are optional.
  • It’s not rude to not comment back on your photos.
  • Groups are optional.
  • It’s not rude to not join a group you’re invited to.
  • Testimonials are optional.
  • It’s not rude to not reciprocate a testimonial.
  • Respect the license attached to a photo.

As usual, really top job on this Brian, and now I’m going to flag a whole bunch of favourites!

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