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BiodiverCity Photo Competition 2010

27 Mar

The National Parks Board is running a photo competition, with the theme BiodiverCity.

Information can be found at:

I’ve got my shots in – have you??

(all photos are copyright protected)

5 Unusual Perspectives on Trees [Looking Up]

27 Mar

A little while ago we talked about changing your perspective, and recently a group on Flickr took this to heart with a little competition it was running in the application of this to trees – [See the Upward View of Trees group, and the group Tree Photos – Looking Up Competition].

Some of my favourites are featured below for your enjoyment. :-)

Sydney red gum by LSydney

Umbrella in the Rain by Stephanie Krishnan

Gum Tree Branch BW by johnno_oz

Gone but not forgotten by M??K

view from my beach chair by Marlis1

2009 Challenge – Day 52: Black & White Tree

21 Feb

2009 Photo Challenge - Day 52: Black & White TreeThis tree was near where I buy my pizza. Rainy weather makes us feel like pizza.

I got some strange looks from passers-by for this one. They seem to think it’s odd if you put your camera on the ground for a few seconds and pick it up again.

I liked the light sky, the grey of the leaves and the trunk, and the almost-blackness of the branches that radiate out from the trunk. I’m practicing picking out contrast for black and white photos to try and give the eye something to be drawn to.

2009 Challenge – Day 48: Black & White Flower

17 Feb

2009 Photo Challenge - Day 48: B&W FlowerI like the composition on this – it was taken directly over my head – about 10 metres up (approx 30 feet). Unfortunately the focus isn’t as crisp as I’d've liked, however I’m pleased with the bokeh (sparkley, mottled effect of the trees) behind the flower.

I was in the carpark and it was quite a bright day.

I had noticed, however, that photographing flowers in black and white was harder than it looked. Actually, photographing a number of things in black and white has been harder than it looks because with colour, you seem to have something that allows the eye to see the thing that you are pointing your lens at. With black and white, it seems that you rely more on contrast.

I have take the two photos below to try and illustrate this, and to show how much we rely on colour.

Colour Flower

A sunflower – beautiful in all its colour.

Black & White flower

Then somewhat ordinary in black and white. Without changing the lighting, and paying more attention to the background, the yellow went to a grey that just doesn’t stand out as much. See what I mean? Maybe it’s just me.

2009 Challenge – Day 36: Purple

06 Feb

2009 Photo Challenge - Day 36: PurpleI went through the whole day looking for purple – it was tough. I come home and seconds before midnight I see these orchids outside our front door. These are taken from below. The lightbulb on the landing added an extra dimension.

Some days are just like that.

At least I was home before midnight instead of after.

Romantic Flower

02 Jan

This is one of my favourite flowers and seems like a really nice way to start off the new year in terms of photo appreciation – love the negative-style effect on this! Bright and cheery!

Sunset Silhouette

29 Dec

Taken with the same model camera that I have – nice work!

Bright & Glowing

25 Nov

What you can do when it’s raining and you want to practice taking photos!

Bursting with Colour

15 Nov

I see flowers like this and they make me want to just smile with the joy of the colour that just seems to leap from them. Nature is awesome!

A Rose for You

10 Nov

The cropping and the colour effect on this picture is what makes it for me – it adds a nostalgic feel to the picture.

A Visual Feast

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