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Wonderful, Vibrant Balls [Faves on Flickr]

21 Oct
Vibrant photo - nice balls!

Vibrant photo - nice balls!

Dare I say it – nice balls! I just love the colour on this, as do the 240 or so commenters on this photo.  Really nice composition and shot!

2009 Challenge – Day 34: Green

03 Feb

2009 Challenge - Day 34: GreenThis is the odd cap out on the stick holders that are under my kitchen window. I spied them on the way home from work.

Outdoor drying of clothes in a lot of homes in Singapore is done on poles, referred to as ‘gala poles’. Unfortunately, when you don’t have sticks in the pole holders, water tends to build up and mosquitoes breed.

In a place where dengue fever is quite common and it’s spread by mosquitoes, these caps are required to reduce still water buildup, and as a result keep the mozzie population low.


06 Nov

I like this for a few reasons. The lighting is unusual, as well as the angle – most people seem to take photos of iguanas from the head. Not that they don’t have stunning faces, but this guy is all angles and texture and it’s nice to see that from a different perspective. Top shot!

Green Sermon

04 Nov

This guy reminds me of a priest giving a sermon for some reason… what a fantastic shot and timing – WOW! Totally cool and amazingly well captured.


01 Nov

Really nice use of light on this one!

The World in a Water Drop

22 Oct

An amazing macro… beautiful capture in the reflection of a water drop.

From the Jaws of Death

19 Oct

Not someone I’d like to get a love-bite from!!

Red Tree Ant

17 Oct

With the strength of many men

Green Spiral

13 Oct

Very nice use of cropping in this pic.

Wing and a Prayer

12 Oct

The detail in the wings is amazing!

A Visual Feast

My very own interestingness…