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BBW Photo Challenge – Day 19: Insect

20 Apr
Day 19: Insect

Oh to be a fly on the... curtain? by OzLady

I was wondering how I was going to photograph an insect in the BBW challenge – they’re small and my camera is somewhat cumbersome when it comes to macros. Fortunately this big guy flies in and gives me something my camera can see. Ick! (It was shoo’ed out immediately after this was taken.)

More Inspect-Inspired Photography

Enjoy these samples from my Flickr Gallery on Insects!

springtime flower insect cake

springtime flower insect cake by Miss Ingredient

Insect trail (explored!)

Insect trail (explored!) by Sahaab

“]Insect HoverFly - Macro
WINDUP BEE Vintage Watch Insect Brooch Pin 19 Moons WORKING MOVEMENT

WINDUP BEE Vintage Watch Insect Brooch Pin 19 Moons WORKING MOVEMENT by 19moons

insect feeding

insect feeding by liverweb

2009 Photo Challenge – Day 296: Box [made from blu-tack]

24 Oct
Box made from Blu-Tack

Box made from Blu-Tack

I fiddle with blu-tac in the office all the time. Today I made a box out of it. One of my colleagues calls it “plasticine for adults” LOL

2009 Challenge – Day 53: Brick

22 Feb

2009 Photo Challenge - Day 53: BrickThese are my favourite shoes.

A lot of homes in Singapore are brick covered with concrete and paint, so you mostly can’t see the bricks themselves. I found a few gardens line with bricks, and other odds and ends, however I was standing in a line to draw some cash from an ATM and just looked down.

This is what I saw – paving bricks! And my favourite shoes, of course!

I don’t know – this just works for me and may be my favourite of my photos from the challenge so far.

2009 Challenge – Day 28: Water

28 Jan

2009 Challenge - Day 28: WaterAs will probably happen a lot during this challenge year, life will inevitably get in the way. Today was busy, and it’s hot and dry outside, so I had to make do with what I could find around the office to capture ‘water’.

There wasn’t a lot metaphorically that would have done it, so I went with the physical.

Short of dumping a cup on a colleague’s head, this was the best shot of the day.

(and no I didn’t dump a cup of water on a colleague’s head)

A Visual Feast

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