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BBW Photo Challenge – Day 19: Insect

20 Apr
Day 19: Insect

Oh to be a fly on the... curtain? by OzLady

I was wondering how I was going to photograph an insect in the BBW challenge – they’re small and my camera is somewhat cumbersome when it comes to macros. Fortunately this big guy flies in and gives me something my camera can see. Ick! (It was shoo’ed out immediately after this was taken.)

More Inspect-Inspired Photography

Enjoy these samples from my Flickr Gallery on Insects!

springtime flower insect cake

springtime flower insect cake by Miss Ingredient

Insect trail (explored!)

Insect trail (explored!) by Sahaab

“]Insect HoverFly - Macro
WINDUP BEE Vintage Watch Insect Brooch Pin 19 Moons WORKING MOVEMENT

WINDUP BEE Vintage Watch Insect Brooch Pin 19 Moons WORKING MOVEMENT by 19moons

insect feeding

insect feeding by liverweb

BBW 30-Day Challenge – Day 7: Macro [Up close]

07 Apr

On the BBW 30-Day Photo Challenge, today’s word is macro.

Macro photography is close-up photography of usually very small subjects. The classical definition is that the image projected on the “film plane” (i.e., film or a digital sensor) is close to the same size as the subject. (from Wikipedia) In a lot of cases (as you can see from the examples below), the final photograph can be larger than the actual photo subject. This is often the focus of macro photography these days.

I don’t have a macro lens, so I used one of my lenses with a fish-eye filter on the end. This allowed me to get close enough to the subjects so that they would appear large in the final photograph. It was an interesting challenge from a technical perspective.

My ‘Macro’ Photo

Day 7: Macro [attempt 1]

Macro gekko, by ozlady

There are a lot of groups on Flickr, and inspired people who have the patience to wait out various bugs, beetles and insects in order to get some truly spectacular (and in some cases creepy) photos. I hope you enjoy them, and as usual, more are available in my Flickr Macro Gallery.



Papilio machaon

Papilio machaon by giuseppedr

Macro Spider Eyes

Macro Spider Eyes by aroon_kalandy




Chat by Ilyes Hocine


Unititled by Rundstedt B. Rovillos

Day 2, Addendum: Fly..ght!

04 Apr

I think it speaks for itself as an addendum to Day 2: Flight.

Day 2: Flight... well sort of [addendum]

8 “Natural” Wonders [Shoot a Word]

13 Jan

Take a word and shoot to that theme – that’s what I do with the Challenges that I undertake, but it’s amazing what others can do with a word and their interpretation of it.

I selected natural today – see some amazing examples of “natural” photography below.

Let's low-tide walk to Rayang Nai island, by Ben

Danielle & Lilliyan, by Robert Whitehead

Cherries, delighted! by lepiaf.geo

Quite possibly... by lepiaf.geo

Leaf's Eye View by AlphaTangoBravo / Adam Baker

Backlit by Vince Alongi

Green Bottle Fly by jpctalbot

Mother to Be by seanmcgrath

What’s your favourite? What techniqes are used and what is appealing to you?

Yellow Bug

16 Nov

Crawling out from a yellow fog. Really nice use of depth of field.

On Top

02 Nov

I did a search for ugly and this came up… I once labelled a bug as ugly myself, however I’ve since decided they corner the market on delicacy in the kingdom of small.

Buzz buzz went the fly

28 Oct

Click on the above image to read how it was taken. Almost like a how-to-photograph-a-fly! Amazing colour!

Even lady bugs need a break!

21 Oct

A lady bug on a beach – I love the narrow depth of field on this – very good!

Red Tree Ant

17 Oct

With the strength of many men

Inachis io

13 Oct


A Visual Feast

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