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BBW 30-Day Photo Challenge – Day 13: Food

13 Apr

‘Food’ is the topic for Day 13 in the Blessed Beyond Words 30-Day Photo Challenge. I know I’ve missed Day 12 – it’ll come later, as it was inspired by today’s food, and I was busy yesterday catching up from my headache over the weekend. :-(

My ‘Food’ Photo

Today’s photo is inspired by two gifts I received today. One is coffee from Vietnam, sourced by my friend Jen’s family, and the other are homemade gingerbread, baked by her husband’s mother in Austria. Jen and Gotty are wonderful friends and I feel very special receiving these treats from their mothers.

Food - thanks to Gotty & Jen's Mums!

Food - thanks to Gotty & Jen's Mums! by OzLady

My photo was inspired by the sentiment behind it. If you’re lacking inspiration, perhaps you can check out some of the photos at my Flickr Gallery on Food, or see the ones below.

Autumn Corn Nuggets - Fall Nature

Autumn Corn Nuggets - Fall Nature by Batikart

Working in a sea of green

Working in a sea of green by B℮n

the fisheye aisle

the fisheye aisle by tomms

Beef Noodles

Beef Noodles by TGKW

Motion [Inspiration]

12 Apr

Motion is probably one of my hardest techniques to master. I’m not great with moving subjects, or with moving the camera to create a sense of motion.

For this topic, I am seeking inspiration, and I thought I’d share some of the examples I have found. I hope they are useful to anyone else shooting motion and needing some inspiration and assistance with technique.

long exposure can create a feeling of motion

Good luck! Hope you get a truly ‘moving’ photo (pun intended). :-)

I love shoes! [11 cool shoe photos]

05 Apr

I love photos of shoes – they are interesting, are available in incredible variety, and they go places!!! Enjoy!

Tip Tap

Tip Tap by mysaliva

Blue Shoe Red Shoe

Blue Shoe Red Shoe by Jeremy Brooks

My Blue Shoe

My Blue Shoe by Jeremy Brooks

Old Friends...

Old Friends... by ChernobylBob

this is me

this is me by KevanLiz

2009 Photo Challenge - Day 53: Brick

2009 Photo Challenge - Day 53: Brick & Shoes by ☼zlady


Converse-mos by Pankcho


Nikon by Dm3t-уtem

Cuba Gallery: Red / shoe / green / grass / landscape / photography / light

Cuba Gallery: Red / shoe / green / grass / landscape / photography / light by ►CubaGallery

garden shoes for sale

garden shoes for sale by ≈ ☼ ≈ giamarie≈ ☼ ≈

Shoes - Lucy's shoes

Shoes - Lucy

BBW 30-Day Photo Challenge – Day 3: Fire

03 Apr

I’m getting these out of order as Saturdays are always hard for me – running around with the kids. Day 2 will have to be tomorrow when the kids are back at school.

The Day 3 topic for the Blessed Beyond Words Photo Challenge is ‘Fire’.

The flames take me over

The flames take me over by ▲


MANGIAFUOCO by squarzenegger

Pencil Vs Camera - 16

Pencil Vs Camera - 16 by Ben Heine

My own photo for Day 3: Fire

Day 3: Fire - with feeling

Fire - with feeling

I have also created a gallery on Flickr which has a dozen images that explore the theme ‘fire’. Why don’t you check out my Fire Photo Gallery here, and post any links to your Fire photos in the comment section.

7 Great Shots for Camera Phone Inspiration [Shoot Anywhere]

13 May

Last week I looked at some articles for taking better photos with your camera phone, and since then I’ve been looking for some inspiration photos to give me some personal creative ideas for taking some shots. I’ve included some of my favourites below, and a list of sites that you might like to visit at the bottom.

Enjoy! (more…)

Latest Favourites

03 Apr

More favourites Hope you enjoy these latest favourites.

1. would someone lather me please…., 2. Blue Sunday, 3. Warmth, 4. Queen Butterfly Ready to Take off, 5. Gex DSC_8870, 6. Night blooming water lily, 7. Hoo Hoo, 8. Northern Pintail–Bolsa Chica 2011 Calendar Subm., 9. { white beauty }

Favourites for 1.Apr.2010

01 Apr
Latest Favourites

Latest favourites 1.Apr.2010

Latest favourites 1-Apr-2010.

It never ceases to amaze me – the creativity of people. I hope you enjoy these.

1. [192] we could a stare a lover in the eyes and lie, 2. , 3. Abandoned shoes in a derelict house, 4. skateboards, 5. Hotel in Miami, 6. Voodoo Chile, 7. puja, one year after, 8. old eyes | Kolkata, 9. B I N D A. Varanasi

5 Unusual Perspectives on Trees [Looking Up]

27 Mar

A little while ago we talked about changing your perspective, and recently a group on Flickr took this to heart with a little competition it was running in the application of this to trees – [See the Upward View of Trees group, and the group Tree Photos – Looking Up Competition].

Some of my favourites are featured below for your enjoyment. :-)

Sydney red gum by LSydney

Umbrella in the Rain by Stephanie Krishnan

Gum Tree Branch BW by johnno_oz

Gone but not forgotten by M??K

view from my beach chair by Marlis1

12 Shots to Inspire Urban Photography [Man-Made Landscapes]

20 Mar

Recently in the 2010 Photo Challenge, we were challenged to take a photo of a natural landscape – a landscape with no human intervention. Unfortunately living in Singapore and working, I found this really difficult to achieve.

Further reading, however, lead me to urban landscapes, which is differentiated from cityscape, architectural and candid street photography by Darren Rowse at DPS. He states in his article Photographing Urban Landscapes:

Urban Landscape photography is often gritty, it’s not always pretty and it can be quite abstract.

I’ve found that my attempts at “urban” tend to look cluttered and don’t really seem to have a focus or appear composed.  I’ve included some photos below that seem to reflect that abstract, gritty look and seem to have a clear composition or “purpose” to the photo.

In addition, I’m currently dissecting the following articles to see if I can achieve this. If you have any to share, please include them in the comments.

Examples of urban photography are below.

garbage faggot wedding by mugley

fridge bridge and a dirt track by s2art

night incursion by mugley

Fruit stand by Vince Alongi

Oh Barbara, quelle connerie la guerre... by still wanderer

Cuando desperté, la gente se había marchado. by grapa

seventh street by telmo32

Over the Footbridge by Stephanie Krishnan

Burlingham Mill - HDR by Andrew Stawarz

Window to an Abandoned Home by country_boy_shane

Una casa per tutti / One house for everyone #3 by * HugoPan *

Looking up by stephcarter

Exposed! Over- and Under-Expose Photos! [Break the Rules!]

07 Mar

I have a new favourite site in Haje Jan Kamps’, and the article In Photography, Rules aren’t Laws he reminded me in the first point about exposure.

Recently my family went to India to fulfil a desire of my husband’s to take the kids to see the Taj Mahal at the same age that he first saw it. There were loads of images of the Taj Mahal, and I don’t flatter myself thinking that my images were any better than the myriad of photos that have been taken before, but there was one photo that I took of my darling, gorgeous husband that just plain floats my boat (or rocks my socks, whichever you prefer).

My Love - at the Taj Mahal

Is this a great photo? No, not really – it breaks a lot of rules about focus and exposure. But I think this is why this particular photo works for me. As a portrait it conveys a lot about the character of the person.

I have some other great classic shots of him, however the grittiness of him on vacation, smiling, carrying the kids’ shoes over his shoulder, with one of the most classic symbols of love in the background seems to be expressing him better in this overexposed shot than in some of the more traditional shots that I took that day.

Is there a formula for over- or under-exposing shots? Well it certainly involves letting more or less light into the photograph, but as for when or how to use it, there are better writers than me that can describe this. However I will say that over-exposing tends to lend itself to more edgier and informal shots, and under-exposing adds moodiness and tends to increase contrast (especially with very light or bright elements within the photo). This can also serve to highlight shapes (eg. a silhouette), or increase the saturation in some colour elements.

Certainly I’m not the only one to appreciate this. Check out the links below.

Now some nice, edgy and/or moody images that have been over- or under-exposed, and don’t forget to check out the Over- and Under-Exposed Gallery on Flickr.

Overexposed by Marsup' aka MARS

Fly Overexposed by artic pj

Alice Overexposed by hickoryhollow113

underexposed by JonathanCohen

Caught in the Window by Stephanie Krishnan

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