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TV at local pasta place [2009 Day 307 + Nov Challenge Day 3]

03 Nov

TV at local pasta place, originally uploaded by ozlady.

Killing 2 birds with one stone here – this is a television used to advertise the local pasta place near my home. Photo taken and edited completely on my Nokia N86 8MP for both the 2009 Photo Challenge and the November Challenge 2009!

Busy day, so sometimes you have to take the shots where you can find them!

2009 Challenge – Day 96: Liquid [Grapefruit Juice]

07 Apr

2009 Photo Challenge - Day 96: Liquid [Grapefruit Juice]Grapefruit Juice is a favourite of mine, and when the topic ‘liquid’ came up, I thought of this just as I was pouring the last of the juice that I had in the fridge.

It wasn’t an overly striking photo, so I decided to highlight the liquid – to be more in theme with the challenge, and to practice my spot colour skills.

See other photos for Day 96 by other photographers here.

2009 Challenge – Day 42: Soda

12 Feb

2009 Challenge - Day 42: SodaI’m not a huge fan of soda-pop style soft drinks, but I am a fan of soda and tonic waters as mixers for drinks. This was in the fridge, so I thought it was appropriate for the day’s shot.

The background is our kitchen curtain,and you will probably notice a smudge or two on it – our cats rub up against it. I just noticed it in the enlargement! OOps.

I tried one series of shots of a vending machine, however during the day the reflection was very bad, and during the evening the light was terrible. I just couldn’t get it to work.

This morning I used the light from the kitchen window to get the high-colour, high-contrast that I think is seen here. It’s my own work, and this is what I was aiming to do with it. I hope I pulled it off.

More information about Day 42 of the 2009 challenge can be found here.

2009 Challenge – Day 41: Juice

11 Feb

2009 Challenge - Day 41: JuiceI had taken some unsatisfactory photos earlier in the day (I just can’t seem to take a decent photo of a cup of liquid), and as seems to be the trend for this challenge, I was preparing dinner and this photo opportunity popped out at me.

The tomatoes were rather juicy, and the light was quite good under the ceiling light and cooker hood.

One of the things that I am noticing with this challenge is that I am learning a lot more about the capabilities of my camera, and white balance has been a massive lesson over the last week as I have often been shooting at night, under different lighting conditions. The resulting hues in the photos have been all over the place, and it has been necessary for me to rely less on the automatic white balance mechanism in the camera, and set it manually.

Anyway, more on Day 41 of the Photo Challenge can be found here, and I hope you are all enjoying the challenge. I know I am!

2009 Challenge – Day 40: Coffee

10 Feb

2009 Photo Challenge - Day 40: CoffeeThis was tough – I have tried photographing my morning cup-o-Jo before and it has never turned out well.

This time I spilled the beans (the grinds, at least), so I decided to do something different with the spill.

Maybe not 100% great photographic technique, but I think it echoes the theme for the day!

Hope you had better luck with your morning cuppa than I did – perhaps I should’ve had two cups instead!

More about Day 40 of the 2009 Photo Challenge can be found here.

Photo of the Day – Day 36 [Best of Series]

08 Feb

One of the things about this site is that I love to post links to other people’s photos to show my appreciation for them.

Today I’m resuming that through recognising fellow Photochallengers and the ones that pop out at me from the daily 2009 Photo Challenge.

My fave for Day 36 is from terrencecollins who took the shot included with this post.

Click the image itself to see a larger version. Leave a comment on the Flickr page to let the photographer know how much you appreciate it.

I love the composition and the reflection of the turnips in the shot. This really grabbed my eye and I want to say well done!!

If you have a favourite photo from Day 36 of the Challenge (Purple), please post a link to it in the comments. Make sure the photo is from Flickr and tagged with 2009challenge.

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