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12 Shots to Inspire Urban Photography [Man-Made Landscapes]

20 Mar

Recently in the 2010 Photo Challenge, we were challenged to take a photo of a natural landscape – a landscape with no human intervention. Unfortunately living in Singapore and working, I found this really difficult to achieve.

Further reading, however, lead me to urban landscapes, which is differentiated from cityscape, architectural and candid street photography by Darren Rowse at DPS. He states in his article Photographing Urban Landscapes:

Urban Landscape photography is often gritty, it’s not always pretty and it can be quite abstract.

I’ve found that my attempts at “urban” tend to look cluttered and don’t really seem to have a focus or appear composed.  I’ve included some photos below that seem to reflect that abstract, gritty look and seem to have a clear composition or “purpose” to the photo.

In addition, I’m currently dissecting the following articles to see if I can achieve this. If you have any to share, please include them in the comments.

Examples of urban photography are below.

garbage faggot wedding by mugley

fridge bridge and a dirt track by s2art

night incursion by mugley

Fruit stand by Vince Alongi

Oh Barbara, quelle connerie la guerre... by still wanderer

Cuando desperté, la gente se había marchado. by grapa

seventh street by telmo32

Over the Footbridge by Stephanie Krishnan

Burlingham Mill - HDR by Andrew Stawarz

Window to an Abandoned Home by country_boy_shane

Una casa per tutti / One house for everyone #3 by * HugoPan *

Looking up by stephcarter

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