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2009 Photo Challenge – Day 297: LED

25 Oct

We had this word for two days, so there are two photos to go with this…

LED - Traffic Light

LED - Traffic Light

This one was taken with my camera phone while waiting for our dinner order.

LED - Sign at the local PRATA shop

LED - Sign at the local PRATA shop

January Challenge: Light Up My Life (Jan 7)

07 Jan

Lights down the pathIt’s my wedding anniversary, and I couldn’t think of a better theme than light! Corny, huh?

To see the rest of my January Challenge photos, check the “January Challenge” category here on my blog or visit my Flickr Set.

Another shot I liked from this evening’s photos:
Arched Pathway

Distorted Light

26 Nov

Cool patterns

Bright Lights in Tokyo

14 Nov

Bright lights at night always have an interesting result with photography. I find that this photo is no exception. Taken in Ginza, Tokyo Japan.

Night brings back something mystical, and sometimes scary. Night photography often captures this mystical feeling, something that is lost in the crispness of a lot of daytime photographs.

A Visual Feast

My very own interestingness…