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BBW 30-Day Photo Challenge – Day 10: Technology

12 Apr

I love technology, and I’m glad that the word for Day 10 in the Blessed Beyond Words 30-Day Photo Challenge was this topic!

My Technology Pic

I have gone with something very traditional with my shot for today – a simple photo of technology that I love – Bluetooth! One of my favourite things is to plug in my iPhone or my MacBook Air, Bluetooth it to use my stereo as speakers, and away I go with my favourite tunes! Pictured here is how I configure it with my iPhone.

Day 10: Technology

Day 10: Technology (Bluetooth Sound) by OzLady

Doing research and finding other technology pics led me into many worlds of what people have included under the heading ‘technology’. These included cameras, energy (think solar and wind), satellites, computers (with Apple being a favourite photo subject), transportation, and technology meeting nature. It’s really inspiring what people shoot.


Below are a series of technology photos taken by others. I’ve included links to these at the bottom of the post. You can view them individually by clicking on these links, or go to my Flickr Gallery on Technology to see them and others.

Photos Inspired by the word 'technology'

Photos Inspired by the word 'technology'

1. Rhythm of technology, explored!, 2. reach in and reach out, 3. Pedagaggi Wind Turbines, 4. Rollei Days~, 5. Old technology, 6. (Leica + Rollei + Carl Zeiss + Voigtlander) X Rangefinder, 7. Genuine technology* // Thanks for 6.000 total visits!, 8. Emotional Storage, 9. WASHED UP OLD TECHNOLOGY CONCEPT, 10. Geeks, 11. Butterfl-iPod, 12. Connecting the community, my Twitter strategy, and American Airlines at DFW, 13. Windmills of Change, 14. Reflected

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Asia Without Borders Photography Competition – Poetry in Motion

10 Apr

Prizes include cool photo gear from Canon. Runners up prizes are still yet to be confirmed.

This is a competition that is themed around the concept of movement, implying that the image must portray the fluidity of movement that poetry is known for. This is indeed challenging, however should inspire people to some wonderfully creative results.

Note that you must be a subscriber to the magazine (either soft copy or hard copy) to be eligible to enter.


To be eligible for Asia Without Borders 2010, sign up as an ASIAN Geographic subscriber

- Print (US$48 outside Singapore/S$48 within Singapore)
- eMag (US$12) Includes a free print copy of the results issue, Photo Annual 2010 Edition

Visit the Asian Geographic Competition website for more information on categories and submission methods.

Environmental Photographer of the Year [Photo Contests]

28 Jan

From the Chartered Institute of Water and Environmental Management’s website:

CIWEM’s Environmental Photographer of the Year honours amateur and professional photographers who use their ability to raise awareness of environmental and social issues. The competition encourages entries that are contemporary, creative, resonant, challenging, original and beautiful. But most of all, we want your pictures to inspire people around the world to start taking care of our environment.

The exhibition is open to all professional and amateur, national and international photographers of all ages working with digital and film photography. However, you must ensure that the image quality meets the competition’s criteria.

I think this is a really interesting competition as it has some inspiring categories (if the environment is not already inspiring enough for you). They include:

  • Mott MacDonald’s Changing Climates
  • Innovation in the Environment (New Category for 2010)
  • The Natural World
  • Human Waste

    Human Waste by alancleaver_2000

    The Underwater World (New Category for 2010)
  • Quality of Life
  • A View From the Western World (New Category for 2010)
  • Young Environmental Photographer of the Year – Under 16
  • Young Environmental Photographer of the Year – Under 21

Some of the past entries are really interesting and moving in terms of content, and get you thinking about our natural resources and the impact of their pollution and loss on our lives.

Entries close at 5pm on 31st July 2010.

Check out the competition website for entry conditions, information and inspiration!

Good luck!

The sky is blue [and is almost as big as my imagination]

26 Oct

Another beautiful location where you could just lay on your back and watch the clouds blow over. Probably something I’d want to do with a friend or lover by my side. Skies in cities never look this blue, and on days like today I could convince myself that it is totally the work of Photoshop, however my memory and other days reminds me that there is such a sky and that life and nature can be truly this wonderful. Thanks to Nicholas T for the memory.

A tree in an ancient place

15 Jan

Bayon Temple, Angkor Wat, Cambodia, Nov 2008

A panorama shot that just seemed to piece together nicely – from about 8 photos.

Divide & Conquer

11 Nov

This is a unique perspective of a split trunk, combined with good photo techniques. Love it – totally unique and elemental.

A Rose for You

10 Nov

The cropping and the colour effect on this picture is what makes it for me – it adds a nostalgic feel to the picture.

Green Sermon

04 Nov

This guy reminds me of a priest giving a sermon for some reason… what a fantastic shot and timing – WOW! Totally cool and amazingly well captured.

On Top

02 Nov

I did a search for ugly and this came up… I once labelled a bug as ugly myself, however I’ve since decided they corner the market on delicacy in the kingdom of small.


01 Nov

Really nice use of light on this one!

A Visual Feast

My very own interestingness…