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BBW Photo Challenge – Day 20: Books

22 Apr

My internet connection crapped out yesterday so I spent several hours staring at the ugly green shirts of my ISP instead of concentrating on this challenge. As a result my photo isn’t that great. If I had the chance, however, I would return to this pile of books in St Peter & St Paul’s Catholic Church in Singapore and take the photo during the day. It was an interesting stack of musty books. I just wish I could have done it justice.


Order of the Mass, by OzLady

Other Interesting Books

Check out my Flickr Gallery on Books for some truly awesome book photos!

The book burning.

The book burning. by alexstoddard

for molly

for molly by brookeshaden

BBW Photo Challenge – Day 16: Toys

18 Apr

I accidentally skipped this one, buy Day 16′s word is ‘toys’ – and I am lucky enough to have my own share of them.

I decided to do this as a diptych. Normally this would be two framed images side-by-side, however modern photography and software gives us a little bit more leeway in that we can put a combination of images together, either separated by a frame or not, to tell a story.

My Toys

Here are some of my toys. My camera, my iPhone (represented by the Apple symbol – I was using my iPhone to take the photos), my MacBook Air, and my Logitech Remote (I use this to control the cable TV box, the TV and the stereo). I’m a lucky girl!!

Day 16: Toys (My Toys) by OzLady

Day 16: Toys (My Toys) by OzLady

Other Peoples’ Toys

Time for toy-envy! Enjoy!

coffee break

coffee break by david oa photography

Graphite Kindle + Cole Haan Cover

Graphite Kindle + Cole Haan Cover by Legend Media, LLC

Untitled by thelongboardrider

Nokton 25mm F0.95 + GF2

Nokton 25mm F0.95 + GF2 by INZM


Shelter by Vetuv

BBW 30-Day Photo Challenge – Day 11: Household Item

12 Apr

Day 11 in the Blessed Beyond Words 30-Day Photo Challenge has ‘Household Item’ as the challenge topic. I work from home, so it was relatively easy for me to prowl around the apartment to get a photo, but not as easy to try and take something truly unique.

As usual, I turned to Flickr for some inspiration.

Photos of Household Items

Here are some samples of some household items that I found on Flickr.


Household by sarah ketelaars


stacked by elliequent


Toothbrush by hddod


365:73 by Ryan Howell

A Place

A Place by scraff1967

My ‘Household Item’

Day 11: Household Item [Shoes]

Day 11: Household Item (Shoes) by OzLady

I love shoes! [11 cool shoe photos]

05 Apr

I love photos of shoes – they are interesting, are available in incredible variety, and they go places!!! Enjoy!

Tip Tap

Tip Tap by mysaliva

Blue Shoe Red Shoe

Blue Shoe Red Shoe by Jeremy Brooks

My Blue Shoe

My Blue Shoe by Jeremy Brooks

Old Friends...

Old Friends... by ChernobylBob

this is me

this is me by KevanLiz

2009 Photo Challenge - Day 53: Brick

2009 Photo Challenge - Day 53: Brick & Shoes by ☼zlady


Converse-mos by Pankcho


Nikon by Dm3t-уtem

Cuba Gallery: Red / shoe / green / grass / landscape / photography / light

Cuba Gallery: Red / shoe / green / grass / landscape / photography / light by ►CubaGallery

garden shoes for sale

garden shoes for sale by ≈ ☼ ≈ giamarie≈ ☼ ≈

Shoes - Lucy's shoes

Shoes - Lucy

Photography Competition – Logistics Photos

28 Aug

Click through on the image below for more information.

Entries close 5.Nov.2010

Favourite Flickr Foto Monday

23 Aug

The Tulip Stairs

Great spiral image.

This one reminds me of the Golden Mean and the rule of thirds.

Enjoy your week!

TV at local pasta place [2009 Day 307 + Nov Challenge Day 3]

03 Nov

TV at local pasta place, originally uploaded by ozlady.

Killing 2 birds with one stone here – this is a television used to advertise the local pasta place near my home. Photo taken and edited completely on my Nokia N86 8MP for both the 2009 Photo Challenge and the November Challenge 2009!

Busy day, so sometimes you have to take the shots where you can find them!

Pillows [November Challenge Day 2]

02 Nov

Pillows [November Challenge Day 2], originally uploaded by ozlady.

Pillows on the bed – changed the sheets and now need to change the pillowcases.

Trying out the night photo capabilities of my camera phone. Not too bad.

November Challenge: Day 1 – Lock

01 Nov

This month’s challenge is to take photos with our camera phones – with no editing off the phone. Some of my challenge counterparts who have an iPhone will probably have the advantage on me with photo editing capability, but I think my Nokia N86 takes some pretty neat snaps.

The lock at my MIL’s place.  Taken with my Nokia N86 8MP. I was seeing what I could do with the present scene settings and DoF.

2009 Photo Challenge – Day 305: Scar

01 Nov

Our furniture gets plenty scarred after our cats get at it. For the most part they are pretty good, and considering there are three of them, it’s not too bad… but still, some battle scars are showing after 10 years.

Cats – 3, Furniture – nil.

A Visual Feast

My very own interestingness…