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2009 Challenge – Day 42: Soda

12 Feb

2009 Challenge - Day 42: SodaI’m not a huge fan of soda-pop style soft drinks, but I am a fan of soda and tonic waters as mixers for drinks. This was in the fridge, so I thought it was appropriate for the day’s shot.

The background is our kitchen curtain,and you will probably notice a smudge or two on it – our cats rub up against it. I just noticed it in the enlargement! OOps.

I tried one series of shots of a vending machine, however during the day the reflection was very bad, and during the evening the light was terrible. I just couldn’t get it to work.

This morning I used the light from the kitchen window to get the high-colour, high-contrast that I think is seen here. It’s my own work, and this is what I was aiming to do with it. I hope I pulled it off.

More information about Day 42 of the 2009 challenge can be found here.

2009 Challenge – Day 38: Orange

07 Feb

2009 Photo Challenge - Day 38: OrangeDriving was the theme of the day, with me go-karting in Malaysia.

Fortunately this photo turned out better than my arm, which was burned by both the sun and the go-kart. I have a nasty blister and a number of bruises, but I’ll live. The comfort level is not high at the moment – burns tend to hurt long after they happen (yes I want sympathy).

Orange was the word of the day, and this needle fit the bill, however the dial it was on has seen better days – almost 20 years of humidity has pitted the dashboard, which I thought was an interesting effect.

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Intense Sun Burst

15 Oct

One of my favourite flowers!

Climbing the way to the top

08 Oct

Paris Metro

06 Oct

Tres bon!

Great orange and browns in this picture!


03 Oct

Makes me thirsty just looking at it!

Orange Drops

03 Oct

Waking Up

03 Oct

Just beautiful and inspiring

A Visual Feast

My very own interestingness…