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Six Great Photos Breaking the Rule of Thirds [Break the Rules!]

28 Jan

Some photos succeed because they break the rule of thirds.

If you are not sure what the rule of thirds is, check my previous post on Six Great Photos that use the Rule of Thirds.

There are a number of ways that the Rule of Thirds rule can be broken, the most obvious of these being the Bullseye – centering of the subject in the photo.

Other ways to break this rule can be through the use of repetition, symmetry and blurring.

With Love...

With Love... by suchitra prints

Set it off...

Set it off... by AndYaDontStop

diana gives me blurry palms

diana gives me blurry palms by O?ivia

Escher Symmetry

Escher Symmetry by Pieter Musterd

Boracay Symmetry

Boracay Symmetry by roger_alcantara


repetition by clairejean007

You can check out this gallery for more examples of Breaking the Rule of Thirds, and the Digital Photography School (DPS) has other posts on Breaking this Rule, as well as breaking other photographic rules. Enjoy!

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