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BBW Photo Challenge – Day 17: Emotion

18 Apr

Today in the Blessed Beyond Words Photo Challenge, the word is ‘emotion.’

I found this an interesting day to have this word because it’s Palm Sunday, and a lot of the readings invoked emotions of sadness and awe.  Also I waved my husband off on a business trip. Again, more emotions.

After dropping dearest off at the airport, I was stuck in a traffic jam, and I felt another set of emotions – anger and frustration. Fortunately this was easier to photograph than the others, so here is my photo for today:

Day 16: Emotion (Anger)

Day 16: Emotion (Anger) by OzLady

As usual, I have discovered a number of photos that have been taken that portray various emotions. Check out some of the ones below, and enjoy my Flickr Photo Gallery of Emotions. Some people have seriously great imaginations!!!


Triumph by Tomasito.!


"Humph!" by meg price


BFF by Ronaldo F Cabuhat

Happy Furry Friday :)
Time for FUN~~~!

Time for FUN~~~! by Ilko Allexandroff (a.k.a. sir_sky)

5cut Cute Pets to Brighten Your Day [Pet Loving Photography]

14 Jan

As a pet owner, I find myself snapping my kitties every time they do something cute. I also find that they challenge me as often this happens in low-light situations, or they move just when the shutter closes. I realise that the old Hollywood adage of note working with babies and animals might also ring true for photography.

Having said that, when you do capture that perfect pose, you get a pic that really makes your day. Here are some of my favourites.

Roland by Bah Humbug

My little assistant...almost a photographer! by Fernando Felix

Pinky by swanky

Cute Rambo by *volar*

My Hamster by aliaydogmus35

2009 Challenge – Day 37: Brown

06 Feb

Brown Photos for Day 371. 2009 Photo Challenge – Day 37: Brown (2),
2. 2009 Photo Challenge – Day 37: Brown (1),
3. 2009 Challenge – Day 37: Brown (3)

I couldn’t help but submit three photos for today’s submission.

The top one is the top of our CD stand and is the first piece of furniture I bought when I moved overseas. He’s guarded my CDs for 12 years now, and it’s his day in the sun today!

The middle photo is the frame of one of our papasans – we have removed the cushion temporarily to avoid any accidents, and it caught my eye.

The bottom photo is technically half a day late, but we went go-karting in Malaysia this morning and I saw this guy hugging the pavement like this. What would you do – what could I but do except take a photo of him and submit it as part of the group.

I don’t normally submit more than one photo in the group per day, but today was an exception.


09 Nov

StamfordI had a few comments on this picture, so I’m posting it here. I like the close up and the angle.

Otto at the beach

20 Oct

Otto looks very happy… even if a bit wet! I like the sepia treatment on this photo.

Sucker for Cute!

10 Oct

I’m just a sucker for cute photos sometimes!

Climbing the way to the top

08 Oct

A Visual Feast

My very own interestingness…