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BBW 30-Day Photo Challenge – Day 1: Self Portrait

01 Apr

The first topic in the Blessed Beyond Words Photo Challenge Topic List is ‘Self Portrait’. I’ve been doing a few of these intermittently as part of a Flickr Group (although some days I’m just too shy for words). It amazes me the portraits that people come up with. Some of my favourites are below, and my own contribution is at the bottom.


Self Portrait of a self portrait of a self portrait of a self portrait

Self Portrait of a self portrait of a self portrait of a self portrait, by Mrs Logic

self portrait: two seconds of a summer evening

self portrait: two seconds of a summer evening, by manyfires

self portrait | we are the sound

self portrait | we are the sound, by Adam Foster | Codefor

unplanned self-portrait with dog &.

unplanned self-portrait with dog &., by Jesse Draper

My own self portrait for Day 1 of the BBW 30 Day Challenge for April, 2011

Day 1: Self Portrait while wrestling Tiga the cat
I was taking a photo for the Blessed Beyond Words photo challenge, and Tiga kept jumping on and around me (as evidenced by the cat hair on my t-shirt).

I decided to include her in the photo! She fights you whenever you pick her up… it’s a bit of a game with her… so we are wrestling. She desperately wants me to put her down so she can jump back on me!

Free Online Photography Magazine [Free Stuff]

26 Jun

Looking for inspiration or just interested in keeping up with some tips and tricks of photography, PhotographyBB is a cool, free, online magazine.

PhotographyBB Magazine - the also have a great online community!

Check out their community (forums) for more information and photographic challenges.

Bulls-eye: Breaking the Rule of Thirds [Photo Assignment]

29 Jan

Digital Photography School forums has a photo assignment based on breaking some photographic rules.

I did a post a few days ago about Breaking the Rule of Thirds, and one of the ways to do this was to centre your subject in the photo – also called the Bulls-eye technique.

So get practicing and submit your photos  – the topic closes at 8am GMT on 3rd Feb, and make sure you check out the rules…

And if you need some inspiration, check out the photos at the link above, or in the Breaking the Rule of Thirds Gallery on Flickr.

2009 Challenge - Day 74: Shooting Up... I'm as tall as a building!

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