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2009 Challenge: Day 294 [Window Display]

21 Oct
Hello Kitty for the Little Gambler in you!

Hello Kitty for the Little Gambler in you!

My challenge photo for day 294 came as a result of waiting on the side of the road for my husband to pick me up – I saw this in one of those cutesy shops with all sorts of girlie-girlie knick-knacks for sale. Not my cup of tea, but I had to take this shot when I saw the Hello Kitty Mahjong set and gambling chips. LOL.

2009 Challenge – Day 45: Cocktail

14 Feb

2009 Photo Challenge - Day 45: CocktailI was in Ho Chi Minh City on Valentine’s Day – sadly, without my Valentine. :-( To top it off, I was working!

We received these cocktails with our meals for our working lunch. Kinda corny, but cute. You should see the desserts they gave out! Chocolate and Coconut jellies! Ha! AND they were bright purple in colour – where were they on my purple photo day??

This was a non-alcoholic cocktail.

Fortunately, my Valentine’s Day ended up OK – I got TWO massages! A foot and a back massage! Hooray!


24 Nov

Japanese traditional sweets named Seioubo.

A cheeky photo, I think! :D Pun intended!


17 Nov

Vivid, and simple, but reminds me of the many overlapping layers of ourselves… does the vivid colour merely disguise the complexity underneath? Urban camouflage?

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