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Featured 3 on Friday [Great Photographic Stuff That Shows You How]

16 Jul

Here’s some weekend reading for your pleasure. This week I’m focusing on posts that show and explain how photos were taken. Hopefully some good material to read and then experiment with over the weekend!

Bill at the Beach - Laughing out Load (portrait practice - candid)

Enjoy your weekend!

Practice – Black and White [2009 Challenge Practice]

05 Mar

Door on a Noodle Truck, SingaporeWith a black and white week a few weeks ago, I found myself starting to take a few black and white photos of different things.

This is a door on the back of a noodle truck.

I took it because of the contrast, and it had an industrial, prison feel.

Unfortunately it was raining and I took the photo through a windscreen, so there are a few spots, however overall I’m quite pleased with it.

A Visual Feast

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