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2009 Challenge: Day 295 [Rule of Thirds]

22 Oct
Remain Seated

Remain Seated

I waited almost too late to get this shot – it was a busy day, but then while upgrading the firmware on my phone, my computer crashed and I had to reinstall everything – this took a little while so I went outside my office to take this shot… one that I have been meaning to take for ages as the chair matches the flooring in the space outside. Unfortunately it was about 30 mins before the sun set and it took 3-4 shots before I got the light the way I wanted.

2009 Challenge – Day 41: Juice

11 Feb

2009 Challenge - Day 41: JuiceI had taken some unsatisfactory photos earlier in the day (I just can’t seem to take a decent photo of a cup of liquid), and as seems to be the trend for this challenge, I was preparing dinner and this photo opportunity popped out at me.

The tomatoes were rather juicy, and the light was quite good under the ceiling light and cooker hood.

One of the things that I am noticing with this challenge is that I am learning a lot more about the capabilities of my camera, and white balance has been a massive lesson over the last week as I have often been shooting at night, under different lighting conditions. The resulting hues in the photos have been all over the place, and it has been necessary for me to rely less on the automatic white balance mechanism in the camera, and set it manually.

Anyway, more on Day 41 of the Photo Challenge can be found here, and I hope you are all enjoying the challenge. I know I am!

2009 Challenge – Day 32: Red

01 Feb

2009 Challenge - Day 32: RedThere is no shortage of red around at the moment. It’s Singapore, it’s a week after Chinese New Year, and 80% of the population is Chinese. Red is everywhere!

Sometimes, however, nature provides the best shots, and when out with the family for lunch, this shot presented itself and turned out to be the better one among the myriad of Chinese lanterns and slashing red banners!

I love the red of the chilli, and the store owner at Maxwell Market was kind enough to let me photograph it!

More information about the 2009 Challenge can be found here.

February Challenge – RED

11 Feb

Chinese New Year - Year of the Rat

February Challenge – RED #1

Those that can read Chinese will realise that this is upside down, however I took this photo looking down my sleeve.

This was from the outfit that I wore when I went visiting this last weekend for Chinese New Year… and I wish you all a Happy and Prosperous year of the rat!

Gong Xi Fa Cai!

On Top

02 Nov

I did a search for ugly and this came up… I once labelled a bug as ugly myself, however I’ve since decided they corner the market on delicacy in the kingdom of small.

Fallen Colour

26 Oct

Vivid capture – wonderful colour – Japanese Maple. Astounding!

A Visual Feast

My very own interestingness…