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BBW 30-Day Photo Challenge – Day 8: Where I Live

09 Apr

Yesterday was a flat out day, and dearest woke me up early with lights and TV blaring this morning, so I decided that I would complete yesterday’s challenge in the Golden Hour this morning (if you are not sure what the Golden Hour is, read more about it on Wikipedia).

Today’s topic on the Blessed Beyond Words 30-Day Photo Challenge is ‘Where I Live’.

I live in Singapore, and one of the fabulous things about where I live are the leafy boulevards. I’m not great at land and street -scapes, but one of the things that caught my eye this morning was the glass that one of my neighbours has on the top of his fence. This is a very old home, from when the other side of my street used to be a beach (it’s all reclaimed land now), and back in the 50s & 60s using this sort of defense for your home was a normal thing. I’m not sure how legal it is these days, but it made for some interesting photos.

My ‘Where I Live’ Photo

Where I Am

Where I Am by ☼zlady

If you want to see other places where people live, visit my ‘Where I Live’ Flickr gallery. Some of the photos from this gallery are featured below.

Wanna be in a picture ?..:)))

Wanna be in a picture ?..:))) by Katarina 2353

The Eye of the Rice paddies

The Eye of the Rice paddies by NaPix

Where I live

Where I live by blinkingidiot

No. 3 - The Corner

No. 3 - The Corner by "junga"

On The Street Where You Live

On The Street Where You Live by Ronaldo F Cabuhat

BiodiverCity Photo Competition 2010

27 Mar

The National Parks Board is running a photo competition, with the theme BiodiverCity.

Information can be found at:

I’ve got my shots in – have you??

(all photos are copyright protected)

Camera Phone – Magic! [Bumboats @ Pulau Ubin]

10 Aug
The bumboats that carried us home from camp

The bumboats that carried us home from camp

This camp I pretty much stuck to using my new Nokia N86 8MP as a camera for candid shots, as the 8MPreally makes it quite a handy little camera… with no extra baggage.

Some photos would leave you thinking they were taken by a normal camera – like this pic on the way home.

I love the auto-stitch panoramas as well.

Setting up for our drumming sessions on Drum Camp 09

Setting up for our drumming sessions on Drum Camp 09

2009 Challenge – Day 31: Horizon

31 Jan

2009 Challenge - Day 31: HorizonSingapore doesn’t have many horizon shots that you would normally experience on a day-to-day basis. It’s very built out. I invented my own horizon for this shot in the parking garage – a single shot on the way to meetng my husband.

More information on the 2009 Challenge available here.

The Floating Village – A Family Afloat

01 Dec

The Floating Village, Siem Reap, Cambodia - a family

A family in the floating village, Siem Reap, Cambodia.

January Challenge: Light Up My Life (Jan 8)

08 Jan

I revisited the same site that I took photos last night, as I wanted to retake one, and there were a couple of possibilities that I didn’t have time for as well.
January Challenge - Light on the Path

I like the way the light fell on the path.

To see the rest of my January Challenge photos, check the “January Challenge” category here on my blog or visit my Flickr Set.

Infrared Forest

25 Oct

Click through to the Flickr page on the above image to read how the photographer has done this with an infrared lens and some Photoshopping – really great!

Stormy Reflection

24 Oct

Great use of the reflective surface… I love that the barren trees are also reflected in the hood (bonnet) of the car.

Cow on Holiday

21 Oct

Even a cow needs a break!

Sunset Wave – Crashing

21 Oct

One of the reasons that I love this shot is that it is blurred. I think it gives it a sense of motion.

A Visual Feast

My very own interestingness…