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Five Action Shots for Fast Freaks [Sports Photography]

31 Jan

My SS15 is starting to get into photography, and our trip to the F1 last year inspired him to start practicing to get good shots. He hopes to actually get a car in frame, in focus this year!! :-D

As a fellow amateur, I can relate, so I’m getting him to practice with high shutter speeds and also a technique called panning.

As always, there are much better articles out there on these techniques than I could write, so enjoy the links and shots below.

Now for some action!

Motion Blur Frozen

Motion Blur Frozen by Mariano Kamp

by pincusvt

World's Favorite Sport

World's Favorite Sport by vramak

motorcycle jump

motorcycle jump by Francesco Rachello

Jump Start

Jump Start by cmaccubbin

And check out this Flickr Gallery on Sports Photography for more action shots!

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