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BBW 30-Day Photo Challenge – Day 11: Household Item

12 Apr

Day 11 in the Blessed Beyond Words 30-Day Photo Challenge has ‘Household Item’ as the challenge topic. I work from home, so it was relatively easy for me to prowl around the apartment to get a photo, but not as easy to try and take something truly unique.

As usual, I turned to Flickr for some inspiration.

Photos of Household Items

Here are some samples of some household items that I found on Flickr.


Household by sarah ketelaars


stacked by elliequent


Toothbrush by hddod


365:73 by Ryan Howell

A Place

A Place by scraff1967

My ‘Household Item’

Day 11: Household Item [Shoes]

Day 11: Household Item (Shoes) by OzLady

BBW 30-Day Photo Challenge – Day 10: Technology

12 Apr

I love technology, and I’m glad that the word for Day 10 in the Blessed Beyond Words 30-Day Photo Challenge was this topic!

My Technology Pic

I have gone with something very traditional with my shot for today – a simple photo of technology that I love – Bluetooth! One of my favourite things is to plug in my iPhone or my MacBook Air, Bluetooth it to use my stereo as speakers, and away I go with my favourite tunes! Pictured here is how I configure it with my iPhone.

Day 10: Technology

Day 10: Technology (Bluetooth Sound) by OzLady

Doing research and finding other technology pics led me into many worlds of what people have included under the heading ‘technology’. These included cameras, energy (think solar and wind), satellites, computers (with Apple being a favourite photo subject), transportation, and technology meeting nature. It’s really inspiring what people shoot.


Below are a series of technology photos taken by others. I’ve included links to these at the bottom of the post. You can view them individually by clicking on these links, or go to my Flickr Gallery on Technology to see them and others.

Photos Inspired by the word 'technology'

Photos Inspired by the word 'technology'

1. Rhythm of technology, explored!, 2. reach in and reach out, 3. Pedagaggi Wind Turbines, 4. Rollei Days~, 5. Old technology, 6. (Leica + Rollei + Carl Zeiss + Voigtlander) X Rangefinder, 7. Genuine technology* // Thanks for 6.000 total visits!, 8. Emotional Storage, 9. WASHED UP OLD TECHNOLOGY CONCEPT, 10. Geeks, 11. Butterfl-iPod, 12. Connecting the community, my Twitter strategy, and American Airlines at DFW, 13. Windmills of Change, 14. Reflected

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Back Tomorrow

12 Apr


Travel Photos

13 Apr

Taking interesting travel photos can be quite a challenge. A recent trip to Vietnam resulted in some photos that I’m pleased with.

I used some of the tips that were in a recent post.

How about you? Have you had any recent travel photo successes?

Wrap your Camera [Keeping Equipment Safe & Compact AND SMALL AND MOBILE]

04 Feb

We all have our camera bags and such, however sometimes there are moments when I just want to throw my camera in my bag and head out! This is not for those epic photo-taking shoots or walks. I’m a girl and sometimes I want my camera in my bag to snap whatever jumps in my path. I don’t get the opportunities that I read about on so many other blogs – to go for photowalks or monopolise part of the house for photo set ups (I’m so jealous of you all) – but I do want to be able to take along a half decent camera and take shots when the opportunity arises.

So when I last had the opportunity to upgrade my camera, I went micro four-thirds, rather than full DSLR, and purchased the GF1. It’s not a cheap bit of kit, however it’s compact and I don’t have any issues with composing photos in the LCD. Maybe when I get better at it I will, but for the moment it works for me!

The other issue then, is keeping my camera from being scratched and bumped in my bag.

So I purchased an ankle guard – one that has a loop for the heel (I chose this rather than the wrist guard, as the loop for the heel is larger than the loop for the thumb).

Futuro Sports Ankle Strap

It’s a slightly unconventional protective tool, however in my case I’ve used it on two cameras now, and it works a treat.

Put the heel loop over the lens of the camera…

Then wrap the remaining strap around your camera to protect it.

Note – this is not meant to be a permanent solution. It’s an occasional solution – try and use a camera bag designed to protect your camera and lenses from dirt and jarring. Dirt can get in between the gaps in this bandage. I only use this for short term carrying – not as a full time solution.

Time Off [But not for appreciation]

03 Mar

2009 Challenge Photos - To DateI’m taking a week off the Photo Challenge – I will probably catch up another week, however for the time being life has gotten in the way, and I need to play catchup.

However, I am still appreciating some of the photos that have been taken this week and in earlier weeks, so on-on-on with my pick of the days and other tidbits.

Normal programming will resume shortly, folks.

A Visual Feast

My very own interestingness…