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BBW Photo Challenge – Day 16: Toys

18 Apr

I accidentally skipped this one, buy Day 16′s word is ‘toys’ – and I am lucky enough to have my own share of them.

I decided to do this as a diptych. Normally this would be two framed images side-by-side, however modern photography and software gives us a little bit more leeway in that we can put a combination of images together, either separated by a frame or not, to tell a story.

My Toys

Here are some of my toys. My camera, my iPhone (represented by the Apple symbol – I was using my iPhone to take the photos), my MacBook Air, and my Logitech Remote (I use this to control the cable TV box, the TV and the stereo). I’m a lucky girl!!

Day 16: Toys (My Toys) by OzLady

Day 16: Toys (My Toys) by OzLady

Other Peoples’ Toys

Time for toy-envy! Enjoy!

coffee break

coffee break by david oa photography

Graphite Kindle + Cole Haan Cover

Graphite Kindle + Cole Haan Cover by Legend Media, LLC

Untitled by thelongboardrider

Nokton 25mm F0.95 + GF2

Nokton 25mm F0.95 + GF2 by INZM


Shelter by Vetuv

Motion [Inspiration]

12 Apr

Motion is probably one of my hardest techniques to master. I’m not great with moving subjects, or with moving the camera to create a sense of motion.

For this topic, I am seeking inspiration, and I thought I’d share some of the examples I have found. I hope they are useful to anyone else shooting motion and needing some inspiration and assistance with technique.

long exposure can create a feeling of motion

Good luck! Hope you get a truly ‘moving’ photo (pun intended). :-)

BBW 30-Day Photo Challenge – Day 9: Texture

09 Apr

Today’s Blessed Beyond Words Photo Challenge topic is ‘texture’.

It was an interesting day to do this, as normally you would look at a texture and think “that’s nice,” and possibly take a photo of it, straight on. This is what I did here:

Texture - a boring perspective

Texture - a boring perspective

It’s ok as photos go, but flat. You can see it’s a floor. So what?

I did some reading about Point of View today. Specifically it was Light Stalking’s article on What’s your point of view. This changed my perspective today and made me think. Yes this is a texture. One of a tiled floor. But how can I express my point of view?

So I changed my perspective.

Day 9: Texture

Day 9: Texture by OzLady

So now you can see my perspective. This is a bit of texture – a tiled floor in a shopping centre. OK – I get that it ain’t a Pulitzer Prize winning photo, but for me this simple exercise created a more interesting photo than I normally would have taken – looking down at the object. From now on I’ll be getting over, under and around things to try and get a perspective that communicates more about what I am seeing.

And if you want to see some other photos with texture, check out this gallery.

BBW 30-Day Photo Challenge – Day 6: Shadows [Sumatra Shadow Puppet]

06 Apr

Today word in the BBW 30-Day Photo Challenge is shadows. Shadows are interesting – they follow us everywhere, and they make for some very dramatic effects.

My ‘Shadows’ Photos

I’ve had this doll for almost fifteen years, and she’s been in a box the whole time. She’s from Sumatra, and is a shadow puppet. I’ve meant to have her on display for ages, so today after photographing her for this assignment, I’ve given her a permanent position in our home. Isn’t she stunning?

Below are one in colour, and other in black and white. I couldn’t decide in the end, so I’ve included both.

Sumatra Shadow Puppet

Sumatra Shadow Puppet

Day 6: Shadows [Sumatra Shadow Puppet]

Day 6: Shadows (Sumatra Shadow Puppet) in Black & White

Other Shadow-Inspired Photos

I love some of the shadow-inspired photography that I’ve seen on the web, and I’ve included a sample below.

White Shadow

White Shadow by *CA*

Cuba Gallery: Sheep / running / New Zealand / animals / lighting / green / grass / shadow / landscape / wildlife / nature / trees / amazing / lightroom / photography

Cuba Gallery: Sheep / running / New Zealand / animals / lighting / green / grass / shadow / landscape / wildlife / nature / trees / amazing / lightroom / photography by ►CubaGallery

shadow walkers

shadow walkers by HaleyHyatt

shadows are the best of friends- day 111/365

shadows are the best of friends- day 111/365 by maddie717

Simon Fraser University Pipe Band

Simon Fraser University Pipe Band by Girla Obscura

Also, check out the Shadows Gallery on Flickr.

BBW 30-Day Photo Challenge – Day 4: Water

04 Apr

Day 4 in the Blessed Beyond Words Photo Challenge is themed ‘water’. Fabulous topic, and there are some truly amazing photos out there about this topic. I have put together a Water Photo Gallery on Flickr, which include some of the following.

There is a trick to taking photos of water, so I have also included some links to tutorials at the bottom of this post. I’ve been referencing them for my photo attempt.

Water Cascade

Water Cascade by T-BaySurfer

Water Hair 02

Water Hair 02 by uncle_rich0101

macro water drop

macro water drop by Tanya Puntti

There are also a number of tutorials on shooting this topic. See below for some examples.

My ‘Water’ Image


Sometimes what is closest turns out the best. Have a great Monday, everyone!

Featured 3 on Friday [Great Photographic Stuff That Shows You How]

16 Jul

Here’s some weekend reading for your pleasure. This week I’m focusing on posts that show and explain how photos were taken. Hopefully some good material to read and then experiment with over the weekend!

Bill at the Beach - Laughing out Load (portrait practice - candid)

Enjoy your weekend!

Free Online Photography Magazine [Free Stuff]

26 Jun

Looking for inspiration or just interested in keeping up with some tips and tricks of photography, PhotographyBB is a cool, free, online magazine.

PhotographyBB Magazine - the also have a great online community!

Check out their community (forums) for more information and photographic challenges.

7 Great Shots for Camera Phone Inspiration [Shoot Anywhere]

13 May

Last week I looked at some articles for taking better photos with your camera phone, and since then I’ve been looking for some inspiration photos to give me some personal creative ideas for taking some shots. I’ve included some of my favourites below, and a list of sites that you might like to visit at the bottom.

Enjoy! (more…)

Take great photos with your iPhone [Camera Phones]

07 May

There are a number of great articles written about taking great photos with camera phones, and I, personally, am a great believer in being able to take a good photo with just about any camera. It’s all about knowing the limitations of your equipment and working with them.

Fundamentally, I believe it comes down to three factors: light, composition and know the limitations of your equipment. This applies to all photography, it’s just that there are greater limitations with camera phone photography.

Having enough light, and having that light on the subject of your photo is a key part of this article on iPhone Photography at Applelinks (I like this article – it’s a good, practical guide).

One of the benefits of camera phone photography can be the post-shoot processing that can be done on the phone. Usually the phone software makers make it easy to tune the image after you’ve taken it. This interview with an iPhone photographer highlights this as part of their article.

Also there is the added bonus of having the camera with you. Sometimes the key part of taking a great photo is to just have your camera with you! A camera phone allows you to do this – as well as sharing it on the spot if you have internet access (either through your phone network, or wifi).

If you are able to upload it to services such as Flickr, then you may be able to take advantage of online editing software on your PC, such as Picnik, which is integrated into Flickr and makes adding effects and fine tuning exposure and colour on a PC a breeze.

Also great reading, check out DPS’s 12 Tips for Improving Camera Phone Photos.

Regarding composition, think about those limitations again, and the style of photos that they will suit. Mostcommonly, camera phone photography is said to be suited to street photography, but note a key limitation – often camera phones are NOT good with movement. So if there is motion and a blur, aim for it to be intentional, like this fantastic shot:

Using motion blur in camera phone photography

And don’t forget to practice! Take lots of photos!

Templates – Laying Out for Printing [8R, 6R, 4R, R-D-R-R]

26 Mar

OK – the last one in the title was a joke – R-D-R-R (get it, ha-de-ha-ha).

I sometimes get frustrated with the way that others crop my photos, so I’ve developed some templates, and I’ve included a grid in them so that I can try and fiddle with placement and the rule of thirds.

Below is a table of common photographic sizes and the pixel sizes required to print each size. It is important to be aware that your camera doesn’t usually take photos in these sizes, and sometimes the action at the sides or top and bottom of an image can be cropped.

I’ve recently been printing in 8R format, so I have some templates:

A Visual Feast

My very own interestingness…