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BBW 30-Day Photo Challenge – Day 9: Texture

09 Apr

Today’s Blessed Beyond Words Photo Challenge topic is ‘texture’.

It was an interesting day to do this, as normally you would look at a texture and think “that’s nice,” and possibly take a photo of it, straight on. This is what I did here:

Texture - a boring perspective

Texture - a boring perspective

It’s ok as photos go, but flat. You can see it’s a floor. So what?

I did some reading about Point of View today. Specifically it was Light Stalking’s article on What’s your point of view. This changed my perspective today and made me think. Yes this is a texture. One of a tiled floor. But how can I express my point of view?

So I changed my perspective.

Day 9: Texture

Day 9: Texture by OzLady

So now you can see my perspective. This is a bit of texture – a tiled floor in a shopping centre. OK – I get that it ain’t a Pulitzer Prize winning photo, but for me this simple exercise created a more interesting photo than I normally would have taken – looking down at the object. From now on I’ll be getting over, under and around things to try and get a perspective that communicates more about what I am seeing.

And if you want to see some other photos with texture, check out this gallery.

BBW 30-Day Photo Challenge – Day 3: Fire

03 Apr

I’m getting these out of order as Saturdays are always hard for me – running around with the kids. Day 2 will have to be tomorrow when the kids are back at school.

The Day 3 topic for the Blessed Beyond Words Photo Challenge is ‘Fire’.

The flames take me over

The flames take me over by ▲


MANGIAFUOCO by squarzenegger

Pencil Vs Camera - 16

Pencil Vs Camera - 16 by Ben Heine

My own photo for Day 3: Fire

Day 3: Fire - with feeling

Fire - with feeling

I have also created a gallery on Flickr which has a dozen images that explore the theme ‘fire’. Why don’t you check out my Fire Photo Gallery here, and post any links to your Fire photos in the comment section.

iPhone Wallpaper [Jeans & Wood Textures]

01 Apr

Textures are often great as iPhone Wallpapers. I took two of my own, as you can see below.

Click on the images to take you through to Flickr and please feel free to use these as your iPhone Wallpapers.


iPhone Wallpaper

Wood - a great texture for an iPhone background

iPhone Wallpaper

Fabric always makes for great textures for backgrounds on your mobile phone

2009 Challenge – Day 27: Texture

27 Jan

I’ve been meaning to pick up on this challenge, and here I am. I may miss a few days – life gets in the way – but I will contribute where I can.

Today’s challenge is texture and I think that one of the reasons that I was able to pick up on it on this day of all days was because of the subject material. This was staring me in the face from my laptop and it was a one-shot and upload job, but it captured what I wanted! That hasn’t happened to me in a long while.

So here is my first contribution to the 2009 Challenge.

2009 Challenege - Day 27: Texture


01 Nov

Interesting feather detail. The bend and the overlapping fronds give this almost a texture.

A Visual Feast

My very own interestingness…