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Free Online Photography Magazine [Free Stuff]

26 Jun

Looking for inspiration or just interested in keeping up with some tips and tricks of photography, PhotographyBB is a cool, free, online magazine.

PhotographyBB Magazine - the also have a great online community!

Check out their community (forums) for more information and photographic challenges.

Improve Your Photographic Craft [eBooks]

20 Jun

Good, cheap eBook reference PDFs for a variety of Photographic topics are available at the Craft & Vision website.

Most (if not all) go for USD% – making these a good reference at an affordable price.

Topics include:

  • VISION IN MOTION, A Photographer’s  Introduction to Digital Video
  • Ten Ways To Improve Your Craft. None of Them Involves Buying Gear.
  • Chasing The Look – 10 Ways to Improve The Aesthetics of Your Photographs.
  • Below The Horizon, Understanding Light at the Edges of Day

The above are just some of the titles for this collection – you should head across to the Craft & Vision website to see the full range.

Craft & Vision eBooks

Editing Photos in the Cloud [7 Online Photo Editors]

19 May

If you can’t afford any fancy photo editing software, or your computer grinds to a halt when you use GIMP or other photo editors, then try these online photo editors that allow you to upload or import photos from your desktop or online storage sites.

These are very handy when you want to edit and you’re away from your normal computer. (more…)

Templates – Laying Out for Printing [8R, 6R, 4R, R-D-R-R]

26 Mar

OK – the last one in the title was a joke – R-D-R-R (get it, ha-de-ha-ha).

I sometimes get frustrated with the way that others crop my photos, so I’ve developed some templates, and I’ve included a grid in them so that I can try and fiddle with placement and the rule of thirds.

Below is a table of common photographic sizes and the pixel sizes required to print each size. It is important to be aware that your camera doesn’t usually take photos in these sizes, and sometimes the action at the sides or top and bottom of an image can be cropped.

I’ve recently been printing in 8R format, so I have some templates:

Wrap your Camera [Keeping Equipment Safe & Compact AND SMALL AND MOBILE]

04 Feb

We all have our camera bags and such, however sometimes there are moments when I just want to throw my camera in my bag and head out! This is not for those epic photo-taking shoots or walks. I’m a girl and sometimes I want my camera in my bag to snap whatever jumps in my path. I don’t get the opportunities that I read about on so many other blogs – to go for photowalks or monopolise part of the house for photo set ups (I’m so jealous of you all) – but I do want to be able to take along a half decent camera and take shots when the opportunity arises.

So when I last had the opportunity to upgrade my camera, I went micro four-thirds, rather than full DSLR, and purchased the GF1. It’s not a cheap bit of kit, however it’s compact and I don’t have any issues with composing photos in the LCD. Maybe when I get better at it I will, but for the moment it works for me!

The other issue then, is keeping my camera from being scratched and bumped in my bag.

So I purchased an ankle guard – one that has a loop for the heel (I chose this rather than the wrist guard, as the loop for the heel is larger than the loop for the thumb).

Futuro Sports Ankle Strap

It’s a slightly unconventional protective tool, however in my case I’ve used it on two cameras now, and it works a treat.

Put the heel loop over the lens of the camera…

Then wrap the remaining strap around your camera to protect it.

Note – this is not meant to be a permanent solution. It’s an occasional solution – try and use a camera bag designed to protect your camera and lenses from dirt and jarring. Dirt can get in between the gaps in this bandage. I only use this for short term carrying – not as a full time solution.

Photo Collections [Galleries on Flickr]

02 Feb

I guess they directly compete with websites like mine, however Flickr Galleries are certainly an attractive way to view multiple images pulled together from the various photographers/graphic artists on Flickr.

It allows users to collect together images on practically any topic they like, and also has the option to add their own caption/reason why the image is included in the Gallery.

Minimal Gallery by MelvinSchlubman

And like individual photos, Flickr has an Explore Page for interesting galleries. Check out Flickr Explore – Galleries if you’re in the mood to look at some interesting collections.

2009 Challenge – Day 33: Blue

02 Feb

2009 Challenge - Day 33: BlueThe kilometrico has been around for years, and is one of the first GTD tools that I knew… and I still use it!

I paired this with a blue separator that is part of a new notebook that I started today. For all that I am a digital girl, notebooks rock!

I teach for a few universities, so as part of that I need to mark papers (which is where I usually use my trusty kilometrico), and this is what I’ll be doing this evening… so my pen will probably be the only blue that I see all day, except for that sinking, blue feeling that I will no-doubt get when my students write rubbish!

A Girl Can Dream… My Current Camera Wishlist

12 Nov

CanonI’m not a SLR girl – I find them cumbersome to drag around and I’m not that good a photographer. I’m more into Prosumer models – they meet my needs in terms of size (portability) and features (optical zoom, resolution and shutter/aperture tweaking).

So currently my eye is on the Canon Powershot S5 IS.

*insert Homer Simpson drool here*

Vector-ise Your Images & Photos

10 Nov

Convert Images and Photos to Vector-based files

I’m always up for a fab new tool, and this one is great, especially when you have to do a rush job – sometimes I get clients who want a banner and don’t provide me with suitable artwork, so I usually charge them for re-drawing their logos. This could be a quick-and-dirty that gives me a scalable image for emergencies… although it does only have limited scalability.
However one of the cool things it does is turn photos into vector images. You do lose detail (which should be expected), but you get some rather funky shots with the right photos!
Convert Images and Photos to Vector-based files

Vectorised Photo

Check it out at:

A Visual Feast

My very own interestingness…