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5 Unusual Perspectives on Trees [Looking Up]

27 Mar

A little while ago we talked about changing your perspective, and recently a group on Flickr took this to heart with a little competition it was running in the application of this to trees – [See the Upward View of Trees group, and the group Tree Photos – Looking Up Competition].

Some of my favourites are featured below for your enjoyment. :-)

Sydney red gum by LSydney

Umbrella in the Rain by Stephanie Krishnan

Gum Tree Branch BW by johnno_oz

Gone but not forgotten by M??K

view from my beach chair by Marlis1

2009 Challenge – Day 52: Black & White Tree

21 Feb

2009 Photo Challenge - Day 52: Black & White TreeThis tree was near where I buy my pizza. Rainy weather makes us feel like pizza.

I got some strange looks from passers-by for this one. They seem to think it’s odd if you put your camera on the ground for a few seconds and pick it up again.

I liked the light sky, the grey of the leaves and the trunk, and the almost-blackness of the branches that radiate out from the trunk. I’m practicing picking out contrast for black and white photos to try and give the eye something to be drawn to.

A tree in an ancient place

15 Jan

Bayon Temple, Angkor Wat, Cambodia, Nov 2008

A panorama shot that just seemed to piece together nicely – from about 8 photos.

A Visual Feast

My very own interestingness…