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Current Faves as at 23-Apr-2010 [Kudos to Creativity]

23 Apr

Love the shots that people take. Check out my latest faves at the following links:
1. il giglio bianco, 2. "Calceta", 3. Beautiful Clouds Today, 4. Door 72, 5. Dancing Umbrellas – HBW!, 6. -Time Is on My Side-, 7. tinky. she watches over us by her chair, 8. Old broom, black and white, 9. Shattered Masterpiece

Created with fd’s Flickr Toys

Surf Favourites on Flickr [Lazy Afternoon]

31 Mar

As you may have gathered, I love looking at images, and have found this link at Big Huge Labs that allows you to wander from the favourite images of one person, to those of another.

The Favourite Random Surfer has become a key bookmark on my Netbook for when I’m enjoying a spot of lunch or want to look at what other people are looking at.

Check it out!

Latest Favourites – 30-Mar-2010

30 Mar

Latest Favourites – 30-Mar-2010, originally uploaded by ozlady.

1. After A Long Hard Day …, 2. my muse, 3. Lurking in the Shadows, 4. Old Arizona Jeep, 5. Pepper Colours, 6. Fresh as a daisy, 7. Pelicans II – Nakuru National Park – Kenya, 8. patience… -> dragonfly, 9. Trying To Cross The Road

People take some amazing photos!

Love A Particular Subject? Check out Fotopedia!

27 Feb

If you have a subject that you love, and want to find more information on it, as well as see stunning photos, skip wikipedia and look at Fotopedia!

Users suggest photos that go with each of the entries – a really visually interesting way to look at the entries from Wikipedia!

Be Flexible [Stand of Bamboo]

25 Feb

Be Flexible [Stand of Bamboo], originally uploaded by ozlady.

Taken at Singapore Zoo.

Sunflower on Farmer Jacqueline’s farm

12 Feb

They make me smile!

Big nose horse [Funny Pic]

13 Jan

Big nose horse, originally uploaded by Tambako the Jaguar.

Ha – Amazing what a wide angle lens can do! LOL

Holiday Bokeh – Day 346 (2009 Photo Challenge)

13 Dec

Here’s a holiday one – from the Photo Challenge.

Toaster – Day 344 [2009 Photo Challenge]

12 Dec

Taken for the 2009 Photo Challenge

Just lines V

10 Nov

Just lines V, originally uploaded by Pic@.

A beautiful minimalist photo – stunning in its simplicity.

Couldn’t help but post this and give it my personal tribute for a beautiful shot.

A Visual Feast

My very own interestingness…