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BBW Photo Challenge – Day 18: Reflection

18 Apr

Tiga was very obliging for today’s word (reflection), and stood near a reflective surface quite by accident!

Day 18: Reflecting Tiga

Day 18: Reflecting Tiga by OzLady

Old reflections, but a favourite…

In Singapore, about 80% of the population live in HDB Apartments (HDB = Housing Development Board). One day I was attending a drum class held in a community centre surrounded by these apartments and it had been raining. I was fortunate enough to turn around and capture this at just the right angle! This is one of my favourite ‘reflective’ photos

Reflecting on HDB Living

Reflecting on HDB Living by OzLady

Other ‘Reflective’ Photos

I hope you explore some of the photos based on the word ‘reflection’ that I have compiled into this Flickr Gallery.

great crested grebe

great crested grebe by roly2008


Reflections by Bahman Farzad

Singapore Countdown New Year Eve Cityscapes

Singapore Countdown New Year Eve Cityscapes by zoompict

Cuba Gallery: Still life with water droplets and reflection

Cuba Gallery: Still life with water droplets and reflection by ►CubaGallery

BBW 30-Day Photo Challenge – Day 4: Water

04 Apr

Day 4 in the Blessed Beyond Words Photo Challenge is themed ‘water’. Fabulous topic, and there are some truly amazing photos out there about this topic. I have put together a Water Photo Gallery on Flickr, which include some of the following.

There is a trick to taking photos of water, so I have also included some links to tutorials at the bottom of this post. I’ve been referencing them for my photo attempt.

Water Cascade

Water Cascade by T-BaySurfer

Water Hair 02

Water Hair 02 by uncle_rich0101

macro water drop

macro water drop by Tanya Puntti

There are also a number of tutorials on shooting this topic. See below for some examples.

My ‘Water’ Image


Sometimes what is closest turns out the best. Have a great Monday, everyone!

2009 Challenge – Day 50: Black & White Water in Motion

19 Feb

2009 Photo Challenge - Day 50: Water in MotionIt rained today and I took advantage of the over-flowing drains that often occur around Singapore.

Again I came up against the challenge that colour draws our eye to the subject more that you would think (refer to Day 48 for notes on this). I took a series of close-ups on this  drain, however succeeded in capturing only photos that looked like grey concrete.

I’ve had a comment that this is very Escher if you remove the top of the photo where the railings are. Perhaps I should have cropped it.

2009 Challenge – Day 28: Water

28 Jan

2009 Challenge - Day 28: WaterAs will probably happen a lot during this challenge year, life will inevitably get in the way. Today was busy, and it’s hot and dry outside, so I had to make do with what I could find around the office to capture ‘water’.

There wasn’t a lot metaphorically that would have done it, so I went with the physical.

Short of dumping a cup on a colleague’s head, this was the best shot of the day.

(and no I didn’t dump a cup of water on a colleague’s head)

The Floating Village – A Family Afloat

01 Dec

The Floating Village, Siem Reap, Cambodia - a family

A family in the floating village, Siem Reap, Cambodia.

Busy as… and Monsoon Driving

20 Jan

This has been one busy week.

I have been doing my homework, just haven’t had an opportunity to post.

Also, I was fortunate enough to get an opportunity to take photos for a Golfing event. That in itself provided a number of different lessons in terms of practicality and photo composition which I will be posting soon (once I catch up from last week).

In the meantime, enjoy this shot, and this series, taken with my finger held down while I was driving through the backwash of a monsoon… it looks like an abstract to me.
Monsoon Driving

As you can see here, the weather hasn’t exactly been friendly towards taking photos – it’s been raining a lot and raining hard!

Have a great week, and I hope to post more during this week than I have had the chance lately.

Frozen Gate

24 Nov

I’m a sucker for photos with really good depth of field. Great shot!

Frozen Raindrop

23 Nov

Frozen, with a star!

Reflect on Life

31 Oct

Very tidy capture!

Aussie Thongs

25 Oct

They’re not red shoes, but “there’s no place like home, there’s no place like home” (Wizard of Oz). Love this shot, for both the composition and the memories!

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