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2009 Challenge – Day 44: Wine

13 Feb

2009 Photo Challenge - Day 44: WineI arrived in Ho Chi Minh City on the day of this word – wine – and do you think I could find any in the places I went to?? Obviously I wasn’t going anywhere very high class, however I was tired and went to be on the 13th without a wine photo.

HOWEVER, on streaks of light day (Day 46), I was in a bar, having a class of Savignon Blanc, and fiddling with shutter speeds on my camera, and pulled this one off.

I am actually in this shot on the left, but you can’t see me as I was so blurred as to be invisible. I was swinging the glass back and forth by the stem.

Don’t you love the mix of hues in the bowl of the glass?

What a totally flukey shot, however I think I can reproduce it (given the same sort of lighting), and will try and remember this technique for next time!

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