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2009 Photo Challenge: Day 292 – Motion Blur [Taxi]

19 Oct

Taxi in Motion

I was looking up the daily challenge on my mobile phone. Having received the day’s keywords – motion blur – I looked out the window of my car while waiting for my husband and snapped this.

Total fluke but it was the best of any other motion shots I took that day.

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Photo of the Day – Day 35 [Best of Series]

07 Feb

The photographer of this pic seemed to feel it was similar to many they had taken, however to me it jumped out of the pile for yellow – the Day 35 Challenge word.

If you are interested in the 2009 Photo Challenge, then check out the website, and check out some of the other photos that were taken for Day 35 – Yellow (on Flickr).

Mr Snail has done a great job in capturing the textures of both the wall and the window.

Click the image itself to see a larger version. Leave a comment on the Flickr page to let the photographer know how much you appreciate it.

If you have a favourite photo from Day 35 of the Challenge (Yellow), please post a link to it in the comments. Make sure the photo is from Flickr and tagged with 2009challenge.

2009 Challenge – Day 35: Yellow

04 Feb

2009 Photo Challenge - Day 35: YellowA lot of yellow to take photos of, but not a lot of photos worth submitting.

These were in the corridor down from my office – all in a row. It’s late so the light is terrible. I tried to expose it for longer and use a timer so that I wouldn’t get too much shake, but it still turned out a little fuzzy – although I do like all the chairs in a row.

I think I reached the limit of my super-zoom. Although I doubt I will get a SLR any time soon – super zooms are just too convenient, lightweight, and I’m still a hobbyist who’s just learning.

Time to go home – it’s almost midnight.

Yellow Bug

16 Nov

Crawling out from a yellow fog. Really nice use of depth of field.

Bursting with Colour

15 Nov

I see flowers like this and they make me want to just smile with the joy of the colour that just seems to leap from them. Nature is awesome!

Intense Sun Burst

15 Oct

One of my favourite flowers!

Inachis io

13 Oct


Amazing Beetle

05 Oct

A Visual Feast

My very own interestingness…