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Empty inside the Clockwork Orange

31 Oct

Grungy, desolate feeling, yet somehow vibrant.  I’m not sure if that’s the word I want to describe this, but this picture draws me, for some reason.

Reflect on Life

31 Oct

Very tidy capture!

Travelling, On Reflection

31 Oct

I like the technique used in this photo – it’s one that I try occasionally myself, but not with a lot of success. The framing works well.

Optical Illusion

30 Oct

Do you see the light recessed into the ceiling or hanging from the ceiling? Another great shot!

The Night Sky – Full Moon

29 Oct

This made Flickr’s Interestingness, and you can see why. Really nice a spooky. Appropriate so close to Halloween!

Buzz buzz went the fly

28 Oct

Click on the above image to read how it was taken. Almost like a how-to-photograph-a-fly! Amazing colour!

Potsdamer Roof

27 Oct

I’m told it’s a cliche, but some buildings deserve to be photographed over and over again!

Fallen Colour

26 Oct

Vivid capture – wonderful colour – Japanese Maple. Astounding!

Drop the milk and you’re screwed?

25 Oct

Or is it drop the screw and you’re milked? :D At any rate, this photo just works for me – unusual in the contrast of the items – nice composition, and the shadow on the side really adds a nice depth to the shot.

Aussie Thongs

25 Oct

They’re not red shoes, but “there’s no place like home, there’s no place like home” (Wizard of Oz). Love this shot, for both the composition and the memories!

A Visual Feast

My very own interestingness…