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Distorted Light

26 Nov

Cool patterns


26 Nov

Baptistry Window, Coventry Cathedral

Bright & Glowing

25 Nov

What you can do when it’s raining and you want to practice taking photos!

Hello and Goodbye

25 Nov

An imprint of a hand on ice. Nice!

Frozen Gate

24 Nov

I’m a sucker for photos with really good depth of field. Great shot!


24 Nov

Japanese traditional sweets named Seioubo.

A cheeky photo, I think! :D Pun intended!

Frozen Raindrop

23 Nov

Frozen, with a star!

St. Michaels-Kirche in Kreuzberg, Berlin

17 Nov

Through the window… for some reason I think of the title Alice through the looking glass… it’s a view back in time.


17 Nov

Vivid, and simple, but reminds me of the many overlapping layers of ourselves… does the vivid colour merely disguise the complexity underneath? Urban camouflage?

Yellow Bug

16 Nov

Crawling out from a yellow fog. Really nice use of depth of field.

A Visual Feast

My very own interestingness…