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January Challenge

31 Dec

I have been following Brian on Epic Edits and Trevor on as they have pursued the December Challenge of taking a portrait photograph a day. There have been some great results.

I have been inspired to challenge my own photography, so for January I am going to take a photo a day of Urban Landscapes.

Haze at Night: The Kids ParkFor information on what defines an urban landscape, I think that the urban landscape photography site has it pretty well summed up, and as seems to be appropriate, some bookmarks on taking better urban landscape photos include:

Just some other options that I think I can explore as part of this project:

  • Taking photos in black and white or sepia
  • Looking for abstract architecture
  • Looking to tell a story behind the landscape

If anyone knows some good links, or wish to provide their own suggestions about how best to explore this through photography, then please post in the comments.

Sunset Silhouette

29 Dec

Taken with the same model camera that I have – nice work!

I’SO not with it!

29 Dec

I have been starting to research a little more about my camera’s capabilities – I have a Panasonic DMS-FZ5. I normally fiddle with the Shutter and Aperture settings to get fairly decent results (considering the limitations of the camera), however since I have decided to get a little more technical and have started doing some reading, I am discovering ISO speeds and the impact of adjusting these to affect the results with regards to sensitivity to light.

One of the more enlightening and easy-to-understand articles that I have read can be found at – The importance of ISO capability of a camera. Time to fiddle with all three settings – aperture, shutter speed and ISO sensitivity!

Macro of Dripping Water

27 Dec

Frozen in time…  taken with a prosumer model camera – proving that you don’t need the big clunky hardware to get a decent shot.

Back After A Break

27 Dec

Back after a break to start posting tributes again. For those that missed me – thanks… and I hope that I can do more in the coming year.

I do have 2 new year’s resolutions with regards to this site:

  1. To post at least a photo a day; and
  2. To post techniques to use with prosumer model cameras (there are loads of DSLR sites out there, and frankly, I don’t have the strength to carry one around all the time, so let’s see what we can do with prosumer hardware)

Happy New Year – have a great 2008!

A Visual Feast

My very own interestingness…