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2009 Challenge – Day 31: Horizon

31 Jan

2009 Challenge - Day 31: HorizonSingapore doesn’t have many horizon shots that you would normally experience on a day-to-day basis. It’s very built out. I invented my own horizon for this shot in the parking garage – a single shot on the way to meetng my husband.

More information on the 2009 Challenge available here.

2009 Challenge – Day 30: Symmetry

30 Jan

2009 Challenge - Day 30: SymmetryI struggled with this one – and ended up fiddling with an empty notebook. I thought about hallways, and mirrored reflections, but was also having a busy couple of days and ran out of options. I’m quite pleased with the result, however.

More information on the 2009 Challenge available here.

2009 Challenge – Day 29: Shoelaces

29 Jan

2009 Challenge - Day 29: ShoelacesThis is my money shot for the day. I did have another one, but the focus wasn’t as sharp as I thought, and the blur bothered me.

I was worried about losing light, so I decided to take a brain break from my work this evening, fiddle with a spotlight and a sneaker, and this was the result. I personally like the contrast with the wood.

I guess this is just another example of how light can be so important in a photo – I think it made a world of difference in this one.

More information on the 2009 Challenge available here.

2009 Challenge – Day 28: Water

28 Jan

2009 Challenge - Day 28: WaterAs will probably happen a lot during this challenge year, life will inevitably get in the way. Today was busy, and it’s hot and dry outside, so I had to make do with what I could find around the office to capture ‘water’.

There wasn’t a lot metaphorically that would have done it, so I went with the physical.

Short of dumping a cup on a colleague’s head, this was the best shot of the day.

(and no I didn’t dump a cup of water on a colleague’s head)

2009 Challenge – Day 27: Texture

27 Jan

I’ve been meaning to pick up on this challenge, and here I am. I may miss a few days – life gets in the way – but I will contribute where I can.

Today’s challenge is texture and I think that one of the reasons that I was able to pick up on it on this day of all days was because of the subject material. This was staring me in the face from my laptop and it was a one-shot and upload job, but it captured what I wanted! That hasn’t happened to me in a long while.

So here is my first contribution to the 2009 Challenge.

2009 Challenege - Day 27: Texture

A tree in an ancient place

15 Jan

Bayon Temple, Angkor Wat, Cambodia, Nov 2008

A panorama shot that just seemed to piece together nicely – from about 8 photos.

A Visual Feast

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