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2009 Challenge – Day 54: Stone

27 Feb

2009 Photo Challenge - Day 54: StoneThis photo came a couple of days late, as I struggled to find something that was stone, and that turned into a decent image. I decided to contrast semi-precious with non-precious stone, using objects from around my house (you can tell I don’t own expensive jewellery).

One of the hardest things about taking this photo was that I missed the manual focus of my film SLR – the autofocus of my super-zoom really struggled to focus on the stone in the ring. Grrrr!

2009 Challenge – Day 56: Concrete

25 Feb

2009 Photo Challenge - Day 56: Concrete (1)I had trouble deciding which one to submit today so I submitted two!

The one to the immediate left I am calling “Concrete Stairway to Heaven.” I have deliberately overexposed this a little to see if I could make it a bit more interesting… I have been reading up on techniques where overexposure is used deliberately, so I tried my hand at it here. There is actually a window up there with shutters!

I was about 2cm off including a cigarette butt in the photo – but that would have ruined the ‘heaven’ effect!

My other shot is also overexposed deliberately.

It is a concrete drain, which I then used the tutorial at DPS to fiddle with duotones to see if that makes it more appealing.

I think the additional colour works well, and adds a funkiness to the picture that wasn’t there as a straight black and white or colour image.

Do you have any favourite images from Day 56 of the 2009 Photo Challenge? Check out Flickr photos with the 200challenge and concrete tags.

2009 Photo Challenge - Day 56: Concrete (2)The building materials has been a challenging topic so far.

I haven’t come across some of the materials – concrete seems to be the most prolific in the areas that I frequent in Singapore!

Dream Away [Photo Assignment Competition]

25 Feb

Looks interesting…Where would I go?

Where would you go?

2009 Challenge – Day 53: Brick

22 Feb

2009 Photo Challenge - Day 53: BrickThese are my favourite shoes.

A lot of homes in Singapore are brick covered with concrete and paint, so you mostly can’t see the bricks themselves. I found a few gardens line with bricks, and other odds and ends, however I was standing in a line to draw some cash from an ATM and just looked down.

This is what I saw – paving bricks! And my favourite shoes, of course!

I don’t know – this just works for me and may be my favourite of my photos from the challenge so far.

Good Tips for Steadying Your Point-and-Shoot Camera

22 Feb

I just simply don’t have room to carry a tripod around all the time. So bracing, breathing and perfecting my camera settings have been key to clear(er) photos for me.

I found a couple of useful tips summarised in the links below:

2009 Challenge – Day 52: Black & White Tree

21 Feb

2009 Photo Challenge - Day 52: Black & White TreeThis tree was near where I buy my pizza. Rainy weather makes us feel like pizza.

I got some strange looks from passers-by for this one. They seem to think it’s odd if you put your camera on the ground for a few seconds and pick it up again.

I liked the light sky, the grey of the leaves and the trunk, and the almost-blackness of the branches that radiate out from the trunk. I’m practicing picking out contrast for black and white photos to try and give the eye something to be drawn to.

2009 Challenge – Day 51: Black & White Spot Colour

20 Feb

2009 Photo Challenge - Day 51: B&W Spot ColourI was going to do a Coke machine, and then I saw these doors!

This took a while to upload as I have been busy – and accidentally deleted the photo and had to go back and take it.

I almost didn’t have to do any processing on this – the day has been dreary and there was not a lot of colour in the original.

2009 Challenge – Day 50: Black & White Water in Motion

19 Feb

2009 Photo Challenge - Day 50: Water in MotionIt rained today and I took advantage of the over-flowing drains that often occur around Singapore.

Again I came up against the challenge that colour draws our eye to the subject more that you would think (refer to Day 48 for notes on this). I took a series of close-ups on this  drain, however succeeded in capturing only photos that looked like grey concrete.

I’ve had a comment that this is very Escher if you remove the top of the photo where the railings are. Perhaps I should have cropped it.

2009 Challenge – Day 49: Black & White Shadow

18 Feb

2009 Photo Challenge - Day 49: B&W ShadowsI didn’t know a hand could be so creepy.

Just a spotlight lamp, and my hand.

2009 Challenge – Day 48: Black & White Flower

17 Feb

2009 Photo Challenge - Day 48: B&W FlowerI like the composition on this – it was taken directly over my head – about 10 metres up (approx 30 feet). Unfortunately the focus isn’t as crisp as I’d've liked, however I’m pleased with the bokeh (sparkley, mottled effect of the trees) behind the flower.

I was in the carpark and it was quite a bright day.

I had noticed, however, that photographing flowers in black and white was harder than it looked. Actually, photographing a number of things in black and white has been harder than it looks because with colour, you seem to have something that allows the eye to see the thing that you are pointing your lens at. With black and white, it seems that you rely more on contrast.

I have take the two photos below to try and illustrate this, and to show how much we rely on colour.

Colour Flower

A sunflower – beautiful in all its colour.

Black & White flower

Then somewhat ordinary in black and white. Without changing the lighting, and paying more attention to the background, the yellow went to a grey that just doesn’t stand out as much. See what I mean? Maybe it’s just me.

A Visual Feast

My very own interestingness…