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There are days missing… Yes, there are! [Day 89 Recap]

31 Mar

Unfortunately life gets in the way, so some days are missing.

Day 89 – Children

Unfortunately I didn’t see any children, or children-related objects during the course of the day. I even had my camera in my passenger seat as I was driving from appointment to appointment, but to no avail. There were some great shots from others, however…
Photos from Day 89 - Children
1. Children Swinging, 2. 89 of 365: children, 3. Kirin, 4. Busy Girl [ 2009, Day 89], 5. Untitled, 6. Hasbro Says Buy More, 7. 89/365: Children, 8. 2009photochallenge Day 89 Children, 9. Pouting Girl, 10. Children, 11. Young Scouts, 12. The Children, 13. When I was a child…, 14. children, 15. Day 89 Children, 16. 033009 Children

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2009 Photo Challenge – Day 88: Candy [Hacks]

29 Mar

2009 Photo Challenge - Day 88: CandyHacks are a black sweet that I have only seen in Singapore and Malaysia. They are traditionally black, however there are newer flavours including lemon and blueberry.

They have the traditional sweet / candy-style wrapper.

2009 Photo Challenge – Day 85: White [Whiteboard]

26 Mar

2009 Challenge - Day 85: White [Whiteboard]A whiteboard – one of the tools of my trade – I’d be lost without it!

2009 Challenge – Day 74: Shooting Up

16 Mar

2009 Challenge - Day 74: Shooting UpThis is the Grand Copthorne Hotel (Waterfront) in Singapore. We were picking up some colleagues of my husband’s and I looked up and noted the shape of the building. Unfortunately it was a dreadfully overcast day and the sky was just terrible.

The U-shape of the building just invited something else to be added to the composition, so I stepped into the frame – lucky positioning on this one, as I only took this shot and I ended up more or less dead centre!

I was almost going to submit a photo of just the building (see below).
2009 Challenge - Day 73: Shooting Up #2

2009 Challenge – Day 72: Pencil

14 Mar

2009 Challenge - Day 72: PencilI was a little stumped for creativity on this one, so I borrowed an idea from the original Photo Challenge post for this day.

I was also fiddling with the aperture priority to see where I could get the lens to focus. I have a superzoom camera, so it doesn’t have manual focus, but I’ve learned a few tricks on how to get it to focus where I want, and this was a good practice exercise for this.

Dear Husband (DH) and I disagree on which one should be submitted to the Flickr Group, so I put his selection in. The version that I preferred is below.
Pencil #2

10 Photoshop Alternatives [Free, Web-Based & Open Source]

14 Mar

GIMP and other reviewsI enjoy Photoshop, but it is pricey, and I am learning that GIMP is a very powerful alternative (not to mention it makes me think of the Pulp Fiction movie = “bring out the gimp” LOL).

Six Revisions has brought out a very cool list of Photoshop alternatives for those of us of the much-interest-little-budget variety.

Personally, I have used Paint.Net, and GIMP. Paint.Net has been handy on low-spec machines, if I just want to resize or crop. GIMP is MUCH more powerful, and even has features that I wish they would incorporate into Photoshop (which I use at work).

If you do not wish to install software (and sometimes at someone else’s PC, or if you are at the office, and have limited admin rights, etc), you can try  LifeClever’s 10 Free Web-Based Alternatives to Photoshop. Personally, I only have used Piknik, because it integrates easily with Flickr.

If you know of any that are not included in these lists, please let me know, and perhaps we can get an extensive list going here.

2009 Challenge – Day 71: Black

12 Mar

2009 Challenge - Day 71: Black... Stammy in SunlightThis is our very own ‘Black’ star!

Stamford (aka Stammy) was lying in the sun on my desk while I work, hence his pupils were closed, and there is a ray of sunlight in the photo over the right eye. There is also a desk lamp to the left of the shot, which is throwing the yellow hues.

I think the eyes add something to this.

Stammy or Buster (our other ‘black’) usually sit on my desk while I work and supervise (with their eyes closed – it’s tiring work). Usually our little girl is somewhere near my feet, or in the kitchen playing with her string! It’s a nice feeling to be surrounded by them.

2009 Challenge – Day 70: Speed

11 Mar

2009 Challenge - Day 70: Speed... by a Nose!This photo was taken at dusk on the way home, coming off one highway and merging into another.

I was driving and was trying to snap a shot out of my car window. (Naughty, me, I know.)

I kept the horizon crooked, as that was how I took it – and even though it probably would have looked better if I corrected it, it reminds me of the haphazard way that I took it.

There were a few shots where the full car was in the picture, however it seemed to give the impression of blurred rather than ‘speed’.

2009 Challenge – Day 69: Leather

10 Mar

2009 Challenge - Day 69: LeatherThe clasp from my favourite leather handbag. I love the way that the leather has the texture of the animal, and that the rustic brass-looking buckle has a similar sort of craquelature.

There are others out there [Fellow Challenge Blogs]

05 Mar

As I was looking through other posts that people have made on the 2009 Challenge, I have noticed that others are keeping blogs of their photos, including the thoughts that they have had when taking photos, and their own favourites of the series. I have listed them below, and I hope that you will visit and appreciate their sites and choices as well.

  • Coulter Photos
    Scott has posted his own photos, as well as his favourites from the day!
  • A Mind Adrift
    Posts ‘weekly winners’
  • Vidal Arts
    Known as Gecko Photo in the challenge, gives loads of encouragement to others.
  • My Digital Life
    Jeremy takes some cool pics and a great deal are presented here

I’ll post more as I find them. If you post your photos on a blog, then please let me know and I’ll be happy to link to them. Give me a shout in the comments!

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