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2009 Challenge – Day 96: Liquid [Grapefruit Juice]

07 Apr

2009 Photo Challenge - Day 96: Liquid [Grapefruit Juice]Grapefruit Juice is a favourite of mine, and when the topic ‘liquid’ came up, I thought of this just as I was pouring the last of the juice that I had in the fridge.

It wasn’t an overly striking photo, so I decided to highlight the liquid – to be more in theme with the challenge, and to practice my spot colour skills.

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2009 Challenge – Day 90: Shopping [Tags Still On]

01 Apr

2009 Photo Challenge - Day 90: Shopping [The Tags Still On]I went shopping on the day before this challenge. It seems to be a recurring theme where I have the perfect situation for a word the day BEFORE the word is assigned from Massive bummer!!

At any rate, I love buying pretty things… ;)

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