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Just lines V

10 Nov

Just lines V, originally uploaded by Pic@.

A beautiful minimalist photo – stunning in its simplicity.

Couldn’t help but post this and give it my personal tribute for a beautiful shot.

Day 312: Leaf [2009 Photo Challenge]

10 Nov

Day 312: Leaf, originally uploaded by ozlady.

For the 209 Photo Challenge ( – Day 312 was leaf.

There was a gentle wind blowing – I love the movement it gave the leaves in this shot.

Taken at about 8pm.

Light Shop – Day 8

09 Nov

Light Shop – Day 8, originally uploaded by ozlady.

The chandelier that was about 8 ft across and $20K.
Taken with my camera phone

TV at local pasta place [2009 Day 307 + Nov Challenge Day 3]

03 Nov

TV at local pasta place, originally uploaded by ozlady.

Killing 2 birds with one stone here – this is a television used to advertise the local pasta place near my home. Photo taken and edited completely on my Nokia N86 8MP for both the 2009 Photo Challenge and the November Challenge 2009!

Busy day, so sometimes you have to take the shots where you can find them!

Broom [Photo Challenge, Day 306: Clean]

02 Nov

Brooms in Singapore tend to be a little bit different. This one is for indoors, and despite its rough appearance, it’s actually quite soft.

Taken at night in the bathroom and the cat kept trying to eat the broom.

Pillows [November Challenge Day 2]

02 Nov

Pillows [November Challenge Day 2], originally uploaded by ozlady.

Pillows on the bed – changed the sheets and now need to change the pillowcases.

Trying out the night photo capabilities of my camera phone. Not too bad.

November Challenge: Day 1 – Lock

01 Nov

This month’s challenge is to take photos with our camera phones – with no editing off the phone. Some of my challenge counterparts who have an iPhone will probably have the advantage on me with photo editing capability, but I think my Nokia N86 takes some pretty neat snaps.

The lock at my MIL’s place.  Taken with my Nokia N86 8MP. I was seeing what I could do with the present scene settings and DoF.

2009 Photo Challenge – Day 305: Scar

01 Nov

Our furniture gets plenty scarred after our cats get at it. For the most part they are pretty good, and considering there are three of them, it’s not too bad… but still, some battle scars are showing after 10 years.

Cats – 3, Furniture – nil.

A Visual Feast

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