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Five Action Shots for Fast Freaks [Sports Photography]

31 Jan

My SS15 is starting to get into photography, and our trip to the F1 last year inspired him to start practicing to get good shots. He hopes to actually get a car in frame, in focus this year!! :-D

As a fellow amateur, I can relate, so I’m getting him to practice with high shutter speeds and also a technique called panning.

As always, there are much better articles out there on these techniques than I could write, so enjoy the links and shots below.

Now for some action!

Motion Blur Frozen

Motion Blur Frozen by Mariano Kamp

by pincusvt

World's Favorite Sport

World's Favorite Sport by vramak

motorcycle jump

motorcycle jump by Francesco Rachello

Jump Start

Jump Start by cmaccubbin

And check out this Flickr Gallery on Sports Photography for more action shots!

Bulls-eye: Breaking the Rule of Thirds [Photo Assignment]

29 Jan

Digital Photography School forums has a photo assignment based on breaking some photographic rules.

I did a post a few days ago about Breaking the Rule of Thirds, and one of the ways to do this was to centre your subject in the photo – also called the Bulls-eye technique.

So get practicing and submit your photos  – the topic closes at 8am GMT on 3rd Feb, and make sure you check out the rules…

And if you need some inspiration, check out the photos at the link above, or in the Breaking the Rule of Thirds Gallery on Flickr.

2009 Challenge - Day 74: Shooting Up... I'm as tall as a building!

Environmental Photographer of the Year [Photo Contests]

28 Jan

From the Chartered Institute of Water and Environmental Management’s website:

CIWEM’s Environmental Photographer of the Year honours amateur and professional photographers who use their ability to raise awareness of environmental and social issues. The competition encourages entries that are contemporary, creative, resonant, challenging, original and beautiful. But most of all, we want your pictures to inspire people around the world to start taking care of our environment.

The exhibition is open to all professional and amateur, national and international photographers of all ages working with digital and film photography. However, you must ensure that the image quality meets the competition’s criteria.

I think this is a really interesting competition as it has some inspiring categories (if the environment is not already inspiring enough for you). They include:

  • Mott MacDonald’s Changing Climates
  • Innovation in the Environment (New Category for 2010)
  • The Natural World
  • Human Waste

    Human Waste by alancleaver_2000

    The Underwater World (New Category for 2010)
  • Quality of Life
  • A View From the Western World (New Category for 2010)
  • Young Environmental Photographer of the Year – Under 16
  • Young Environmental Photographer of the Year – Under 21

Some of the past entries are really interesting and moving in terms of content, and get you thinking about our natural resources and the impact of their pollution and loss on our lives.

Entries close at 5pm on 31st July 2010.

Check out the competition website for entry conditions, information and inspiration!

Good luck!

Six Great Photos Breaking the Rule of Thirds [Break the Rules!]

28 Jan

Some photos succeed because they break the rule of thirds.

If you are not sure what the rule of thirds is, check my previous post on Six Great Photos that use the Rule of Thirds.

There are a number of ways that the Rule of Thirds rule can be broken, the most obvious of these being the Bullseye – centering of the subject in the photo.

Other ways to break this rule can be through the use of repetition, symmetry and blurring.

With Love...

With Love... by suchitra prints

Set it off...

Set it off... by AndYaDontStop

diana gives me blurry palms

diana gives me blurry palms by O?ivia

Escher Symmetry

Escher Symmetry by Pieter Musterd

Boracay Symmetry

Boracay Symmetry by roger_alcantara


repetition by clairejean007

You can check out this gallery for more examples of Breaking the Rule of Thirds, and the Digital Photography School (DPS) has other posts on Breaking this Rule, as well as breaking other photographic rules. Enjoy!

Six Great Photos Following the Rule of Thirds

27 Jan

Rules are meant to be broken, but for budding photographers, the rule of thirds is one of the first “rules” that we learn, and can actually get results from when we put it in to practice. Having said that, there are loads of photos that are interesting and inspirational without following this rule.

If you are interested in reading more about the Rule of Thirds, the following are bookmarks that I have used over the years.

Now what sort of results can we expect? Follows are six great photos that either knowlingly or unknowlingly use this “rule”.

Post links to your “rule following” photos in the comments section and let us all be inspired!

Rule of Thirds by Garry

Rule of Thirds by Garry -

Harvest Moon 1980 - - Rule Of Thirds

Harvest Moon 1980 - - Rule Of Thirds by thegreatlandoni

Flying off-centre - The Rule of Thirds

Flying off-centre - The Rule of Thirds by alancleaver_2000

A Solitary tree atop a hill at Loch Lomond

A Solitary tree atop a hill at Loch Lomond by vagelisgeo

Sam Gates meets the horizon on a foggy day in January.

Sam Gates meets the horizon on a foggy day in January by chrisjocanis

If you want to see more Rule of Third examples, visit this Rule of Thirds Gallery, by robin pereira on Flickr.

5cut Cute Pets to Brighten Your Day [Pet Loving Photography]

14 Jan

As a pet owner, I find myself snapping my kitties every time they do something cute. I also find that they challenge me as often this happens in low-light situations, or they move just when the shutter closes. I realise that the old Hollywood adage of note working with babies and animals might also ring true for photography.

Having said that, when you do capture that perfect pose, you get a pic that really makes your day. Here are some of my favourites.

Roland by Bah Humbug

My little assistant...almost a photographer! by Fernando Felix

Pinky by swanky

Cute Rambo by *volar*

My Hamster by aliaydogmus35

Big nose horse [Funny Pic]

13 Jan

Big nose horse, originally uploaded by Tambako the Jaguar.

Ha – Amazing what a wide angle lens can do! LOL

8 “Natural” Wonders [Shoot a Word]

13 Jan

Take a word and shoot to that theme – that’s what I do with the Challenges that I undertake, but it’s amazing what others can do with a word and their interpretation of it.

I selected natural today – see some amazing examples of “natural” photography below.

Let's low-tide walk to Rayang Nai island, by Ben

Danielle & Lilliyan, by Robert Whitehead

Cherries, delighted! by lepiaf.geo

Quite possibly... by lepiaf.geo

Leaf's Eye View by AlphaTangoBravo / Adam Baker

Backlit by Vince Alongi

Green Bottle Fly by jpctalbot

Mother to Be by seanmcgrath

What’s your favourite? What techniqes are used and what is appealing to you?

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