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29 Apr is holding a Summer Edition 2010 Photography Contest! What a great way to welcome the summer with beautiful photos celebrating life. Photographers and photo hobbyists are all welcome to enter the competition, and there is NO entry fee!

Visit the competition website at :

Deadline: 31st July 2010
Prize: $1000 Grand Prize
Eligibility: All Ages / Countries

Current Faves as at 23-Apr-2010 [Kudos to Creativity]

23 Apr

Love the shots that people take. Check out my latest faves at the following links:
1. il giglio bianco, 2. "Calceta", 3. Beautiful Clouds Today, 4. Door 72, 5. Dancing Umbrellas – HBW!, 6. -Time Is on My Side-, 7. tinky. she watches over us by her chair, 8. Old broom, black and white, 9. Shattered Masterpiece

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Travel Photos

13 Apr

Taking interesting travel photos can be quite a challenge. A recent trip to Vietnam resulted in some photos that I’m pleased with.

I used some of the tips that were in a recent post.

How about you? Have you had any recent travel photo successes?

Asia Without Borders Photography Competition – Poetry in Motion

10 Apr

Prizes include cool photo gear from Canon. Runners up prizes are still yet to be confirmed.

This is a competition that is themed around the concept of movement, implying that the image must portray the fluidity of movement that poetry is known for. This is indeed challenging, however should inspire people to some wonderfully creative results.

Note that you must be a subscriber to the magazine (either soft copy or hard copy) to be eligible to enter.


To be eligible for Asia Without Borders 2010, sign up as an ASIAN Geographic subscriber

- Print (US$48 outside Singapore/S$48 within Singapore)
- eMag (US$12) Includes a free print copy of the results issue, Photo Annual 2010 Edition

Visit the Asian Geographic Competition website for more information on categories and submission methods.

Photography Competition: Capturing Light – Images of Buddhist Life

05 Apr

A lot of us that are unfamiliar with Buddhist life would associate prayers, joss sticks and sitting on a cushion with one’s eyes closed with this practice.

Holiday in Cambodia by jurvetson

What does it really mean?

The Capturing Light – Images of Buddhist Life competition challenges participants to tell through photography, what Buddhist life means to them.

Photograph scenes and items that reflect Buddhist practice, culture and spirituality.

Latest Favourites

03 Apr

More favourites Hope you enjoy these latest favourites.

1. would someone lather me please…., 2. Blue Sunday, 3. Warmth, 4. Queen Butterfly Ready to Take off, 5. Gex DSC_8870, 6. Night blooming water lily, 7. Hoo Hoo, 8. Northern Pintail–Bolsa Chica 2011 Calendar Subm., 9. { white beauty }

Favourites for 1.Apr.2010

01 Apr
Latest Favourites

Latest favourites 1.Apr.2010

Latest favourites 1-Apr-2010.

It never ceases to amaze me – the creativity of people. I hope you enjoy these.

1. [192] we could a stare a lover in the eyes and lie, 2. , 3. Abandoned shoes in a derelict house, 4. skateboards, 5. Hotel in Miami, 6. Voodoo Chile, 7. puja, one year after, 8. old eyes | Kolkata, 9. B I N D A. Varanasi

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